It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Sandra Hamilton

2018 started off as a challenging year for me. I was injured in my second car accident. These unfortunate events gave me time to think and reflect on life as I spiralled downward. I watched and heard about many injustices that were happening to Black people. The messages I kept getting were, Black people are sometimes…a lot of times– looked at as a statistic and not as the intelligent people we are. I felt there needed to be something that would empower the Black community—something simple, yet strong. This is how “Black Intelligence” was born. When a consumer wears Black Intelligence, they feel inspired and empowered. It’s also a conversation starter because Black Intelligence is spelled with mixed letters and words which reflects our different intelligences and our different shades of colour. Read more>>

Santiago Cantillo | Principal Partner

As independent freelance designers since 2000, our team joined forces in 2013, when Wynwood was just starting to develop. We worked together in the area and as graphic designers by trade, we were constantly inspired by the art and artists around us. We had the opportunity to get to know a number of muralists and artists in the area. We also had opportunities where client’s were seeking artists to collaborate with. We noticed there was a place in the market to help artists garner these opportunities and for us to connect them with brands, galleries, venues and event opportunities. We began assisting artists with creating their digital portfolios and assisting them with fine-tuning their respective brands. We dealt with a wide range of artists and thus our name is Mixed Media Collective. Years later, we still quietly assist artists’ in their endeavors. Read more>>

Jack Findaro | Co-Founder & Director

I came up with the idea for Vetted Biz alongside my brother and business partner, Patrick Findaro. We had been advising individuals on franchise and small business investments for a number of years under our other company, Visa Franchise. The majority of our clients have been foreign national entrepreneurs and investors that needed trustworthy guidance for investments in the U.S. that would enable them to apply for E-2 investor visa. Over time, we realized that there is an information gap in the franchise market as well as overall small business market, not just for our foreign national clients but also for Americans living in the U.S. looking to do small business or franchise investments. With Vetted Biz, our goal has been to bring greater transparency to the market to enable individuals to make informed small business investment decisions with as much information as possible easily accessible to them. This is how Vetted Biz was born. Read more>>

Cynthia Drucker | Founder & Director

The idea of a retail brick and mortar Autism Art Gallery came from several years of doing art and craft festivals at local church bazaars and street fairs. Even though I like to connect to people at fun events, I knew I would be able to help more individuals with autism get recognized for their talents if we had a permanent location that our community could visit at their convenience. Read more>>