We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Dr. Gisell Lopez | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I was already a Licensed Psychologist working in the field for a few years and holding Supervisory roles but I always wanted to be my own boss. I was in a group practice as an independent contractor so I already had my corporation. When I began at a new job, I kept a 2nd part-time job doing psychological and academic testing as well as supervision of other mental health professionals. I had a friend at the time who had her own practice, self-pay only and made her own schedule. I thought, I can do that too! Read more>>

Lester Paredes | Artist

I was introduce to the music since I was 5 because of my father, He was a musician and music teacher, SInce then I live the music as a lifestyle. I have decide to be in my own music or bussines when I started to composer original music for myself, to express my feelings and thoughts trhough my language which is the music. Then I keeping doing my original music for my own albums and film project, and became a film composer and producer. All of that besides work as a musician, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist with different organization companies and artist aorund the world Read more>>

Dominique Soucy | PürInstinct Founder and CEO

After finishing my own professional pro basketball career, I was looking for a better way to teach decision making in sport and to create a new way to play without getting contusion and get fun back into sports in our communities. Read more>>

Yanko & Laura’ Venus Experience | Boat Rental

We had no doubts that we wanted to start a business as a couple to build something together from zero as a team. The opportunity arised when we noticed that what we loved the most (the beach, boats, the ocean) and what we had been doing for years as a hobby was suddenly a high demand business in the market. Our passion, combined with the weather and our hometown city (Miami) made the perfect scenario for Venus Experience to take place. Read more>>

ARLON JOHNSON | Artist Writer Producer Choreographer & Creative Director

The thought process behind starting my own business was me simply realizing that I needed an infrastructure in order to operate effectively as an independent artist in todays industry and to be able to have a foundation built that can accommodate any creative ideas for projects and having the necessary creative control to pull of those ideas and projects. So I took it upon myself to study and learn all the skills needed to be progressive in my field of work, while still partnering with others, building a team, to get my goals accomplished. Read more>>

Oriana Higuera | Professional Portrait Photographer

I never thought about starting a new business, until I found my truly passion. You may think my Passion is photography but to be honest I think it’s something beyond that. I really enjoy being with people and looking at how them enjoy their sucess and experience. When I realized the power of a smile or being with friend celebrating birthdays, at that moment I thought this may be my call. My first step was become a professional, get training and knowledge about photography and Business startUp. I was conviced that to be sucessfull in my business I needed to plan and hustle. Read more>>

Kiara Love Garcia | Bikini Boutique Owner

When creating LK Swim, I wanted something that would scream exclusivity and feminism. I wanted women to feel empowered no matter their shape or size, but was affordable at the same time. I prayed about it and got busy working on the business plan. March 2019 we launched. Read more>>

Zay Saint | Entrepreneur & Music Artist

I wanted to start something that was bigger than me. I knew it would not be easy but I used that as my motivation to start. I knew by me starting this business it would show others that regardless how impossible things may seem, that if you dedicate yourself to it then you will see how they become possible. Hopefully to become a beacon of inspiration to others to chase their dreams. Read more>>

Natasha Miñoso | Senior Marketing Manager at Penguin Random House and @bookbaristas

I knew that I wanted to get into book publishing, but because I was studying psychology, I wanted to create an online space that catered to both readers and publishers alike. Having a book blog gave me a unique position of being able to market and create conversations around books that I was reading and excited about. Read more>>

Cristina Placyk | MILFwear CEO/Fitwear Owner

I started my fitness journey at age 40. During my transformation process my goal was to provide inspiration to others. I’ve always had the dream to start a business that I could help people gain confidence while keeping it on the light side using a little humor. Read more>>

Monica Kalpakian | ART consultant

I have been an art researcher, patron, finder, and collector for decades. It wis my passion to spend time with artists in their studies and I would share my interest and discoveries Wirth friends, who then would ask me if I could purchase a work for them as well. It happened so many times, and then they would ask help with shipping, insuring , I would make the brokerage deals fo4r them and talk on their behalf with shippers and handlers , it became a full time job ! I realized I should open a Bussiness and hire people to help me with all those logistic so I could keep finding the artists which is my forte. Read more>>

walter sebastiani | Contractor

my thoughts were not really such as ? And now what do I invent, what do I study to support myself? I need to live off something in this changing world and opt for what I have always liked and enjoyed since I was little, construction is a very fun, entertaining, exciting pleasure and above all the things that I love which makes me feel that I am not working but on the contrary, enjoying and living my life to the fullest with what always inspires and motivates me without stress and a lot of passion. Read more>>

TIKISHA MILLS | Radio Personality, DJ, RN, Entrepreneur

Freedom has always been the goal and I’ve worked so hard for two decades for others as an employee why not worked hard for myself and get myself employees. Read more>>