There is a wealth of academic research that examines the impact perspectives on risk have on people’s lives and career. While the academic inquires are interesting and provide some value, in our view hearing directly from people about how their views on risk taking have affected their own lives is very enlightening. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Kevin Espinoza | Model & Wardrobe Stylist

I think that taking a risk is very important and very much necessary if you want to become successful. If you have a dream or goal, you have to make certain risks, without having the fear of failure. I am a model and wardrobe stylist because I took a risk which involved pursuing my dreams. I remember that 6 years ago, I was working a full time job in which I was very unhappy. Long story short, one day I saw an ad on instagram for a TV show that they wanted extras to film for their pilot episode. I decided to go and miss work and it was the best risk I could have did. Read more>>

Haley Fishberger | Artist & Songwriter

A huge step in my artistic journey was realizing that all I desire and deserve is beyond my comfort zone. If I am afraid and uncertain, then I am truly living. For a while, I believed there was a certain path, or “how-to” guide for being successful in the music industry. If I wanted to “make it,” I could not stray from this path. I shrunk under self-inflicted pressure and tried to squeeze into a shiny, marketable box. Eventually, I just got tired. Sure, this is an intense business, but it’s supposed to be fun. I took the risk of breaking the box to become more of myself. Read more>>

Tiffany Joachim | Founder & CEO

Risk has been the backbone of every major decision I’ve made- both professionally and personally. I firmly believe you cannot grow without some level of risk. I took a huge risk leaving a comfortable job as Assistant Buyer at Neiman Marcus to move to NYC without a job, family or friends, because I believed I could grow and push my career in a more meaningful way than had I stayed in Texas- and, at many sacrifices and expenses, I did. Just when I thought I would never make a move as risky as that one, I did. Read more>>

Caylin Jimenez | MBA Student, Public Relations Professional, Blogger, Vlogger & Actress

Risk comes in all shapes and sizes. Often it is associated with daredevils and adrenaline junkies, but there is so much more to it. There are several types of risks and they can be expressed in a multitude of outlets from your profession to school to new hobbies to creative projects. I think everyone is a risk taker in their own right. We all just convey it differently. Risk taking is a big part of who I am. I would not be me, the little feisty go-getter who values adventure, without risk. I am not a risk taker in the sense that I jump off of buildings or bridges or anything like that. Read more>>

Sophia Quirch | Krewe du Q Co-Founder

We have seen through our experience that risk is crucial in order to take your business to the next level or to even start it at all. Krewe du Q’s conception began with Alexa and I taking a big risk. We both had comfortable full-time jobs and left to try and start our own business in the fashion world, which is extremely competitive. It was taking that risk that brought us to where we are today – and we could not be happier! We feel that sometimes the biggest risk someone can take is not taking any risk at all. Read more>>

Olivia Hollaus | Founder & Creative Director

I think that entrepreneurs have a natural inclination to take risks. After all, branching out on one’s own with no guarantee of financial success can be scary. However, for me, risk is inherently part of the journey. Looking back at those daunting decisions I had to take actually let me to many break out moments. For instance, if I hadn’t moved to Beijing to further my study of the Mandarin language, then my understanding of manufacturing may not have been as in-depth. Read more>>

Robin Louis | Artist

I don’t fear risk. My parents risked it all to bring my sister and I over from Cuba when we were kids. By all, I mean their freedom, their lives, our lives. So, thinking about it now. All the risks I’ve taken in my life, on my path to success in the music industry are nowhere near the risks my parents took for freedom. I say that to say this. Anytime I think of taking a risk, I compare it to that. Taking risks is part of life man. So as long as you’re taking them to follow your dream, your vision. Have no fear. This game is not for the weak minded. Read more>>

Virginia Ansaldi | Nonprofit Co-Founder, Yoga Teacher & Science Educator

I feel like risk assessment is a pretty important part of how I make decisions. My dad always told us, “el que nunca se equivoca, nunca hizo nada” (he who doesn’t make mistakes, never does anything). I believe that we have to be willing to take risks, and make mistakes, if we’re going to achieve anything meaningful in our lives, both professionally and personally. When I decided to leave my job as a high school teacher to start Aim, the nonprofit after school program I co-founded with Derek Waddy, I was sick with the anxiety and heartache of the decision. Read more>>

Tatiana McVeigh | Screen Printing & Embroidery Shop Owner

Taking risks is very scary to me but 100% necessary. It is necessary in order to to force yourself to step out of your comfort zone, to challenge yourself and to grow both as an individual and as a business. Since owning my business I have had to take many risks, with the scariest part being the unknown to come from every single one taken. However, every single one of those risks has paid off. Maybe not all financially as some have been for sure business mistakes, but every single one has taught me a lesson and I have grown and learned from each one. Read more>>

Laimis Perez | Flower Designer

I believe taking risks exposes the greatness within you. I would not be where I am at today if I had not taken the risk and opportunity of agreeing to design flowers arrangements for a world known luxury watch brand (A. Lange & Sohne) with zero knowledge in the business. Taking this risk allowed me to later and currently work with such brands as IWC Schaffhausen, Aqquazzura, Piaget and Balmain. Read more>>

Kelsey Simon | Travel & Beer Aficionado

Everyone has been told at some point that they should get a “good job” Typically that translates to something that makes a lot of money. They are seldom taught that they should pursue something that ignites their passion. In my case, I skipped the fancy name tag to see the world. My passion is to meet people, freely travel, and to never be consumed by a job. When you take the risk to escape from the normal 9-5 and explore the non conventional you’ll realize how much more there is to life. You’re no longer living life just waiting for your lunch break. Read more>>

Cathy Raymonvil | Cosmetologist & Entrepreneur

When it comes to taking risks, to me it is all in how you approach it. A risk can be the most scariest thing when you have to face it. So will you be brave or will you chicken out. Taking risks play a major part in my Life and career, it motivates me to look at situations in a positive light. I always approach with positive energy. I am a believer in you get what you give out. Read more>>

Monique Sadarangani | Trusts & Estates Attorney

I am a strong believer that without risk, there is no reward. With this said, taking risks is a scary thing. As human beings, we find comfort in the known and security in stability. We often find ourselves feeling a need or desire to move in a certain direction, make a decision that may risk our stable environment, or otherwise change our circumstances in a drastic manner. These feelings from our heart are often minimized by listening to our heads. What if I fail? What if the risk is too great? What if I cannot do it? Taking risks has been pivotal in my finding my way in life and gaining success as at attorney with my own law practice. Read more>>

Denise Lee | Creative Goddess

Life is all about taking risks. If I would’ve never took that first leap to make my first hair bow, Bubblegum’s Creations would not be what it is today. All of the crafts and designs I have done, all began with someone asking me to create something I have never made before. It has always been a risk, more so now, because there are so many people doing the same creations as myself, however we all have our own way of doing it. The goal is to continue to learn and improve daily and continue to take risks that will essentially continue to grow your business. Read more>>

Dana Buckmir | Author, Writer & Teacher

I think that risk taking is a major factor in determining a person’s success. If you just stay in your comfort zone, you never know your full potential. As an independent author, I take a lot of risks with the way that I market myself to the public. I don’t have a big publishing house or an agent to rely on which puts all the pressure on me. My success is directly related to how much work I put into it. The past year and a half has been a major learning process based on experimenting with what’s effective and what’s not. Read more>>

Andrew Garcia | Director & Cinematographer

To me, the biggest risk in any art form is being vulnerable enough to tell a story that reflects your own personal thoughts, truths, and experiences. In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s destruction in Puerto Rico and the U.S. governments’ inadequate assistance, I felt an urgency to have our voices heard. At first during pre production on my latest short, LA PIEL DE AYER (HBO), our producer at the time had promised to fully fund the project with a said business partner. Once we were about a month away from filming they backed out and left to LA with no explanation. Read more>>

Bryhannon Natale | Salon Owner & Creator

Risk has been involved in almost all of my life changing decisions. It has played a significant role in my personal life and my career in business. In my personal life, the biggest risk I have taken was moving across the country, to Miami, to be with a man that I was head over heels for. The decision was simple for me to make, because I loved him so much, but I was aware that there was risk. I had never even visited Miami but I wanted to be with him. That was 4 years ago and I am more in love with him than ever before. He has also been such an inspiration for me. That decision changed my life and then led me to my next risk but in business. Read more>>

Paiige | Singer/ & Songwriter

Taking risks is key when it comes to understanding and unlocking your true potential in every aspect of life. It’s allowing yourself to be vulnerable, regardless of the outcome. One of the biggest risks I’ve taken in life is moving to Miami on my own at the age of 18, leaving the comfort of having my family and friends close by. That move unknowingly paved the path for my future, especially when it came to making tough decisions later on in life. So much has happened in these 9 years, but taking that risk showed me how capable I am of throwing myself into the unknown and always landing on my feet. I’ve been blessed with many amazing opportunities by putting myself out there, stepping outside of my comfort zone. Read more>>

Ava Stringfellow B.Fly Beauty International | Creative Consultant, Community Activist & Event Coordinator

I believe risk taking is a good thing if they’re taken responsibility and intelligently. When you take a risk and succeed, the outcome can be very rewarding and it could possibility open doors for great opportunities. However I have taken risk and failed but during my failed risk I have gained valuable knowledge about my decisions and understand that sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed. I have always made a conscious decision not to get too comfortable in my lifestyle or career. Having that mindset is what’s getting me through this current World Pandemic. One of the goals I set for myself was to venture in the virtual world which I started one month before the pandemic. Read more>>

Deborah Joseph | DJ Styles & Pro Mobile Hair Stylist

Over the past three years as an Independent Hair Stylist I have learned that risks are genuinely a part of life. It is up to those who are confident and willing enough to take those risks and turn them into opportunities. Risks elevate your perspective and show you what you’re capable of, which is usually much more than we originally think of ourselves. If I didn’t take risks I would not have got this far to live in my passion so early in my life. Because I have become more comfortable taking risks I have been able to expand my horizons in both my personal and business life while living a life of service to others. Sometimes you have to bet on yourself in order to win. Read more>>

Brandi Williams | The Art Of Noise Journalist & Influencer

Risk taking for me is what sets me apart from many people simply because I’ve learned that Journalism is a competitive, yet highly rewarding field. It’s the backbone of the media industry and is critical to a high functioning democracy. To be successful as a journalist, you must have a passion for truth, honesty and integrity, and the guts to go out and get the story. Read more>>

Carmen Howard | Realtor & YouTube channel “Carmen’s Worlds of Reality” Owner

I moved from communist Germany to Portugal right after the wall came down. I didn’t even knew where the Algarve was. From there, I moved to Tenerife, Canary Island Spain and worked for 7 years in Real Estate. In November 1996 I had the idea to move somewhere else. So, in a matter of just 5 weeks, I packed 2 bags: a suitcase and a beauty case, and moved to South Florida. I spoke only ten words of English; it was my first time in America and I didn’t know anyone! Yes, I am a risk taker; I take risks in my live. In 2015 at 58 years of age, I decided to take another risk. Read more>>

Daniella Madriz | CEO

I am a firm believer that taking risks are necessary in order to experience growth. A lot of people live in their comfort zones and are not open to change. They rather stick to the safe side of things. But it’s like, how will you ever know if something can make you more money or more of a better person if you don’t take the risk? Even if everything doesn’t go as planned, you learned from it which is still gaining at least something. That’s why I feel like you can’t ever go wrong with being open to taking risks. Read more>>

Gina Cunningham | Visual Artist & Activist

The negative outcomes of risk taking can be severe but creative entrepreneurs who pioneer innovative business models, daring sportspeople who accomplish record-breaking feats, and courageous medical workers who put their lives in danger while saving others are universally respected and admired. As a society we celebrate and admire out-of-the ordinary achievements.  Decisions I made long ago to spend my life pursuing several, creative fields means I’m a risk taker. When I opened Tap Tap restaurant and art gallery in Miami Beach in the 1990’s I took  risks. Despite the fact that many were initially skeptical of Tap Tap’s unusual concept combined with it’s seedy location; Tap Tap became an instant success. Read more>>