We had the good fortune of connecting with Caylin Jimenez and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Caylin, how do you think about risk?
Risk comes in all shapes and sizes. Often it is associated with daredevils and adrenaline junkies, but there is so much more to it. There are several types of risks and they can be expressed in a multitude of outlets from your profession to school to new hobbies to creative projects. I think everyone is a risk taker in their own right. We all just convey it differently. Risk-taking is a big part of who I am. I would not be me, the little feisty go-getter who values adventure, without risk. I am not a risk taker in the sense that I jump off of buildings or bridges or anything like that. I simply love trying new things. I am fearless when it comes to making a career switch, learning something new, different foods, difficult recipes, out of my comfort zone creative endeavors, books, and movies/TV shows. When it comes to my career, I follow my heart and I am not complacent. I will leap toward new opportunities. I wanted to make the switch from the Public Relations/Advertising/Communications industries to business and that is what I am doing (prior to that, I made the switch from Acting to Public Relations). I took the risk of putting my career on hold to go back to school. I am currently working toward my MBA and I graduate now in August. It was easy for me to take the risk because I knew it would all pay off in the end. I am far from stopping my risk-taking ways in my career. I see risk as a way of going for what I want – there is no time like the present! When it comes to food and recipes, there is nothing I will not try. I love tackling foodie challenges. I mean, what is the worst that can happen? It is just food; I will eat it regardless. For the last Summer Olympics (2016), I decided to make dishes from different countries each of the nights (MY OLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL CUISINE PROJECT). Then there was the time when I was obsessed with The Great British Baking Show and wanted to give Tiramisu a try. I am also really into cooking/baking healthy options, as well as themes. For Mother’s Day last year, I made a Keto, dairy-free Game of Thrones Mother’s Day cake. As for my last risky meal example, that would be the Harry Potter inspired meal I made. Out of my comfort zone creative endeavors are my absolute favorite! As I am writing this, I am already thinking of the next projects I want to do. Recently, I rearranged my room and cleared up a wall for a project I had been wanting to do for some time. Just this past weekend, I completed it. I put up a collage of 150 of my favorite screencaps from movies and tv shows (arranged by color). It was a lengthy process that involved a lot of research, risk, and passion, but it was worth it in the end. The weekend before that, I recreated my vintage prom look from 2014 and had a quarantine prom for my sister. Other projects where I have utilized my risk-taking nature are: Game of Thrones Inspired Viewing Party (food, activities, decorations), Lisa Frank Inspired 6th Leap Year B-Day Party, DIY Jean Jacket with Patches, Documentation of my Mom’s Cancer Journey (as well as sharing tips), DIY Mickey Ears, and DIY Harry Potter Christmas. Finally, I display risk through my constant need to try new things. During this quarantine I have learned to rollerblade, read birth charts, make bagels and whipped coffee & matcha, bake with matcha, write for broadcasting & digital media, create a start-up, paint a room, paint wine bottles, create a mood board, color my hair pink, use TikTok, do yoga arm stands, put together Little Women and Gone with the Wind inspired updos, and effectively consolidate/organize. If you are like me and you love learning, I recommend checking out all the free classes/courses that are out there. Take a risk and learn something interesting!

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I started off working in the entertainment industry as an actress (commercials, theatre, film, TV) and then glided over to the public relations/communications/advertising industries, since I got my bachelor’s degree in communications. I have worked on a variety of accounts while working in public relations including healthcare, nonprofits, hospitality, and law firms. Now, I am working on transitioning to more of the business side of things seeing as I will soon have my MBA. What sets me apart is how I have fearlessly transitioned from careers, as well as how I decided to go back to school. I have always known that I was meant to do many different things. I have a lot of passions and interests and it is important for me to put them to use. I am most proud of my drive and work ethic. My experience doing theatre and working in the entertainment industry has taught me a great deal, like “early is on time, on time is late, and late is you’re done”, “you’re only as good as your last performance”, and “dress for the part you want”. I am most excited for the next chapter of my life. I am excited to see where my career goes. I got where I am professional by having an unwavering support system, dedication, and simply, just caring a tremendous amount. It was not easy, but I would say I am very blessed. The biggest challenge came when my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo treatment. I chose to put my career somewhat on hold (I was still working just more on a flexible, part-time basis) to be the caretaker that she deserved. Thankfully, she kicked cancer in the butt, and I was able to go back to school. The lessons I have learned along the way are to always follow your heart, live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, learn from your mistakes, and do not be so hard on yourself (just like Hannah Montana sang, “everybody makes mistakes”). I would like the world to know that if you are deciding to go back to school to get your MBA do not worry if you have no business experience; the majority of the students are in the same boat – enjoy the ride and soak up everything that you can.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Miami has a lot to offer. Cuban food is a must – croquetas from Islas Canarias, fritas from El Rey De Las Fritas, anything from Versailles since it is iconic, and La Carreta since it is my favorite Cuban spot. SpecialTEA Lounge & Café offers some yummy eats & drinks in a chill environment. I always go there when I want to get away and treat myself. Finka Table & Tap is also a must-do due to its unique Cuban fare with Peruvian and Korean influences. La Camaronera Seafood Joint and Fish Market is a great spot for lunch, and it is definitely special to Miami. The Miami River area has a lot to give, especially The Wharf and Garcia’s for some eats and drinks. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is underrated; it is a great beach spot with a lighthouse. Farmers markets like the vegan one in Coconut Grove deserve a shoutout, as well. Coral Castle is cute since it involves a romantic (but also sad) love story. When in Miami, a rooftop bar is necessary (something like Astra) – we have many to choose from. Homestead area is enjoyable to pick strawberries or get some cinnamon rolls from Knaus Berry Farm. A Miami brunch is a must; I would go to R House since it is a real good time. In my blog (https://caylinjimenez.com/blog-posts/), I share various local spots I enjoy – check that out for more suggestions. 

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I would like to shoutout my Mother because I learned to take risks from her and my Father because he has always told me that I get nothing from being shy and that I should always go after what I want.

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