24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week. Junior investment bankers regularly work 80-90 hours a week. Many other high profile professions require the same level of commitment. Often those on the outside claim that working 80-90 hours a week is bad/wrong/terrible/silly/etc but we’ve spoken with so many folks who say working that much has been the best decision of their life – it allowed them to develop a deep and strong skill set far faster than would have been possible otherwise. In other words, by working 2x the hours, they were able to generate 5x or more the rewards. And depending on where you are in your career, investing heavily in your skills and competence can pay dividends for a long time.

Alex Oliveira | Dadpreneur

I think of it like the chapters or seasons of life. Balancing life before I had 4 kids looks very different than now where we homeschool 4 kids and run our business from home. At one point I use to travel 60 days out of the year for work. Now most of my travel is with my wife and kids in an RV. Balance is waking up everyday and doing meaningful things with the people you love. It’s about prioritizing goals so I can have the most success from the time I invest in any work I do. Read more>>

Brittany Winiarski | Vice President of Sales – Rock With U

For the last 10 years at RWU, I felt I have always had a pretty good grasp of the work life balance. This is one of the reasons I chose to work for this company. A proper work life balance will always be very important to the owners that our team has a life outside of the studio so we feel refreshed when we are ready to start the day off right. As of recently, my balance has shifted quite a bit! My family is newly blessed as we have a 6 month baby boy at home. Learning how to be a new mom and still run the day-to-day tasks has been a wild experience. I am luckily able to work at home which doesn’t make me feel too far away from him during these early months of life! Read more>>

Jason Ditkofsky | President of McNeill Signs

Finding a way to balance your personal life and business is not always easy but I have done my best to find a system that works for me. When I come home, the first thing I do is turn off all my email notifications on my phone. I rarely answers phone calls or any other forms of communication that are work-related when I am home. That’s out of respect to the person calling, and it’s setting boundaries for myself. Another tool that works for me is to plan everything in my life, including family and friends. I schedule almost everything including exercise, phone calls with friends and loved ones, even spending time with my family. Read more>>