Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Elizabeth Suit | Firefighter & Entrepreneur

There are several factors that lead to success. I believe that passion is the most important of them. Then there is talent, permanent perseverance, seeking excellence. Read more>>

Camila Urrea | Wedding Photographer

Living and working in an inspired coalescence is absolutely the greatest factor behind the rise and success of my brand. My brand was born out of a hobby and passion. As a young teenager I loved taking photographs of the people around me who inspired me for the significance they had in my life. I would love capturing my friends and my family in all different settings. As I grew I discovered other interests like contemporary art, design, and fashion. Read more>>

The Heart of Chat Podcast | The Heart of Chat Collective

We are The Heart of Chat Collective and we stand with and by our brand. Most importantly, we are powerful women who live and lead by example in everything we do. Shauna Hibbitts, Lynda D. Mallory, and Jeanette Brewster collectively make up The Heart of Chat. Our success depends on us and we are fueled by our Heartbeats, who listen and support us on a daily basis. We met a number of years ago online and we each had our own brands and started out as a mastermind group. Read more>>

Doing everything, both personally and professionally with meaning knowing that purpose fuels passion, and passion inspires movement. This is the most important factor to success. “He who has a why can bear any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche. Why do meaningful things? Because life is suffering, and it will take you out. You need something to arm you with virtue throughout life. Read more>>

RED Volnick | Tattoo artist /business owner

Two factors of why I’m so successful and our brand is so successful would be my tattoo work and how I handle my client and the hustle to get where I am today other is my business partner and brother serge doing the events and talking and dealing with clients daily together we have made this shop number one in New York Read more>>

Richard A. Garcia | Luxury Real Estate & Construction Advisor

I would say is Consistency, because anything in life comes easy and without work. Not all days will be successful and will give you reasons to celebrate, actually most of the days are hard and need you to do your 110% to make it happen. When I started in Real Estate I was not proud nor happy about doing it but something inside of me knew that if I did it with consistency I was going to be able to make it. Read more>>

Sydney Jacobson | Sydney Jacobson and Johnathon Pezzino/ The Lokomotive Coffee shop owners

We started our business holding a special quote close “If you do everything with love, love will do everything for you”. To this day we continue to have love the center of all we do. Love is there from the way we welcome someone in, to the precision that goes into every drink, to the handmade designs on each cup that leaves our shop. It’s not only about the product, its more about the experience and how someone leaves feeling like they belong and we are so happy they decided to share some of the day with us. Read more>>

Gladys Bumanglag | Pyrography Artist & business owner

Consistency. Being consistent helpsme in making sure the quality, care and passion is visible in all my pieces. This may be as simple as looking over my pieces when I’m done, before it’s packaged and sent out to my customer. Those few minutes to look over each piece makes a huge difference! Read more>>

Claudia Montoya | Event Designer

Passion. The passion I have for my craft is just what makes everything flow and run smoothly. Is that passion that clients feel from me in each and every event I design. I always say that I work out of passion and love for what I do, instead of working for a living. Read more>>

Ogechi Okwara | CEO of DEServing Events & Nurse Supervisor, MSN, RN

The most important factor behind the success of DEServing Events is the love of God on my business. God has truly blessed DEServing Events. God definitely gave me the drive for this business and has sent some wonderful angels to DEServing Events. We learn everyday with the good and bad feedback we received and it makes us want to do better after each event we do. Being the CEO of DEServing Events is not easy but God gives me the strength to keep the business going. Read more>>

Akhalia Fearon | Content creator/ influencer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is genuine love and passion for content creating. On days when it gets hard it’s my love for content creating that fuels me to finding ways to improve on my skills and to learn other skills necessary to climb the ladder of success. Read more>>

Danny Navarro | Latino Travel-Hacker & Advocate

The support of nuestra gente, the minority community, has been vital to the success of LatinosWithPassports, our Instagram account that has grown to over 5,000 followers in just one year! We started LatinosWithPassports in January 2021, highlighting the travels that we had done using our travel points & miles. We “travel-hacked” our honeymoon in 2019, flying business class around the world on Emirates and JAL airlines and visiting Dubai, Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, and Tokyo. Read more>>

Jennie Schottmiller | CPA and Family Therapist

That I want to help people. As a business and accounting coach, there are many small business owners that just need someone to offer help, and be actually helpful. This means charging a fair rate and offering useful information and support. It’s really simple but not something small business owners encounter often enough. Read more>>

Deborah Jaffe | Executive Director of Non-Profit Organization

The most important factor behind my success has been those working above, besides, and below me. I feel that my career has been a journey and I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without those who have surrounded me. There have been many that have mentored me along the way in addition, those besides me who have encouraged me and those below me who have brought me up. Read more>>