We’ve been blessed to connect with so many incredible, resilient entrepreneurs over the years and we’ve learned so much from how they have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. We’ve shared some of those stories with you below.

Suzzette Turnbull | Social Media Management Specialist & PhD Candidate, Social Media & Technology

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been challenged in different ways. This is one of those seasons where I believe we have been tasked with applying the wisdom from our past experiences. Personally, I have been challenged with balancing double the workload and intensity, social isolation, being single during a global crisis, and managing my mental health. It has not been easy, but I firmly believe that we are equipped with the things we need to overcome any situation we face. It does, however, require that we dig deep into our toolkit. So, I would like to share a few things that have helped me through. Read more>>

Ricardo Bayona | Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructor

Everything in life is temporary, the good and the bad. When confronted with the bad, take a deep breath and try to get perspective on the situation, design a plan, put it into action and be consistent, this too shall pass. Read more>>

Jay Charles | Local Shaved Ice Owner

I don’t think you’ve become a true entrepreneur/businessman/businesswoman until you’ve faced insurmountable odds. My advice to someone facing this would be don’t give up when the odds are stack against you. Oftentimes, your success or the “big breakthrough” is sitting right on the other side door waiting for you. See everyone have that “I Don’t Know” moment. You’re stuck thinking and asking yourself do you go forward or you give up? What you should keep in mind is if you give up and quit, you’re guaranteeing that this breakthrough would never happen for you. The only way you can make the impossible possible, is if you keep going. Read more>>

Natalia Wong | Executive Director

I think it’s important to always have a clear vision for both your personal and professional life. It is critical to understand your purpose and calling so that your decisions can be made with this in mind. If these insurmountable odds must be faced and overcome for you to achieve your vision, then you have to trust and know that you and your team or community are equipped to face these insurmountable odds. It is also important to always surround yourself with a team or community that is aligned with your vision and that share your values. Read more>>

Goran Rista | Professional Drummer Producer & Entrepreneur

I have seen many people do and achieve incredible things against all odds. I have learned a lot from others’ persistence in difficult times. I have been through tough times myself and it is those situations that have made me better, stronger, and more resilient. Here are my observations. Mediocracy is the most dangerous state for personal growth and success. It is easy to become complacent. You are not happy with where you are, but things are not bad enough to push you to do better. It is the hard times, when you get knocked down or pushed against the wall that leave you with no choice but to fight with all you’ve got, reinvent yourself and move up to heights greater than you’ve ever experienced before. Read more>>