We had the good fortune of connecting with Jay Charles and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jay, let’s start by having you share some wisdom with us. What advice would you give to a friend facing insurmountable odds?
Wow! This is huge. I don’t think you’re a true entrepreneur/businessman/businesswoman until you’ve faced insurmountable odds. My advice to someone facing this would be don’t give up when the odds are stack against you. Oftentimes, your success or the “big breakthrough” is sitting right on the other side of the door waiting for you. See everyone have that “I Don’t Know” moment. You’re stuck thinking and asking yourself do you go forward or you give up? What you should keep in mind is if you give up and quit, you’re guaranteeing that this breakthrough would never happen for you. The only way you can make the impossible possible, is if you keep going. I’ll share a quick story with you all. There were times I did not know if I can make rent for a place I lease at the mall. At times I felt like this is it, I need to prepare my resume to get a 9-5 job. Then a gig happened. A huge one too. This not only cover my monthly expenses, but it put our company on the map. Sometimes God just wants to see how bad you want something, then he’ll make a way. This gig was the Super Bowl LIV in Miami! So remember you have to remain faithful. -Jay Charles, CEO of Frostie Flavors Corp www.frostieflavors.com

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
You can call it Snoball, Raspados, Piragua or even Fresco, but DON’T call it a snow-cone! Frostie Flavors is one of South Florida best-tasting gourmet shaved ice showered with mouthwatering homemade flavors you remember from your childhood. Frostie Flavors was inspired by my then 1-year-old son, Jaylen (Jay) after discovered he was lactose intolerant and knew that ice cream was not an option for little Jay. A shaved ice stand came to mind but there were none in near sight. Like many entrepreneurs, I saw a need and an untapped market, then decided to take a leap of faith. Frostie Flavors was born. My biggest obstacle was money. I started the business during the recession. But I didn’t let that stop me. If there’s a will there’s a way. There were growing pains but it prepared for tough difficult times like we’re dealing with now in COVID19 aka Coronavirus. Frostie Flavors was temporarily shut down due to the pandemic but started back up just in time for Memorial Day weekend. As long as CDC and local government deemed that it it safe for us to operate, we will open. We will adhere to the CDC and food establishment guidelines.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Well this happens a lot. Everyone wants to visit South Florida. We’ll start off with relaxing at our Ft. Lauderdale sunny beaches to get your feet wet and get feet on the sands. If you’re in the mood for some BBQ we have to hit up Tom Jenkins BBQ (hands down have some of the best BBQ in town) Then go check out a few local Caribbean Food Vendors like Tropical Oasis Express Food Truck or Reggae Beets Gourmet Food Truck that way we could enjoy nice weather the first day or two. We could enjoy a few night life sceneries there’s a lot going on in South Florida especially the Wynwood area. Towards the weekend let’s say Saturday we would go to my friend Alexas Brown’s signature ”SocialXChangeMiami” events i.e. Day La Soul Day Parties or her Brunch Fun! Fun! Fun! Some of the best vibes and you might catch Ian (IG: Ianbmann) local violinist that’s going to perform some of your favorite tunes. If you get hungry later we could go check out “House of Mac” For shopping needs The Sawgrass Mills is a very popular mall to visit here in Sunrise, FL. Also you should visit Palm Beach Outlets, where Frostie Flavors, Shaved Ice Shop is located. There goes your entire week in South Florida. There’s plenty other things to get into. It’s all about what mood you’re in!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
First I got to think God for blessing me with my son Jaylen, who was the inspiration of starting Frostie Flavors (Shaved Ice Company). I got to thank my mom for never giving up on me til this day. Entrepreneurs like Felecia Hatcher (Feverish Pops and Code Fever) and Jules Nelson (P.E. X-Games) that you can do something so simple but you’re passionate about and turn it into something that’s impacting our community. Bob Gale, the old guy who help me get my shaved ice company up and running properly. He even purchased a cart for me and created a promissory note to pay him back which I’ve paid back in full. Last, a special shoutout to Brian Cunningham and the whole Urban League of Broward County for believing a local entrepreneur from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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