Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Yi Chin Hsieh | Independent Curator/Creative Individual

I feel like people always have this misconception of curators as a beautiful, shiny career; a curator as someone who travels between cities, who have fancy champagne at exhibition openings, and gets all the glory side of the art world. However, working as a curator, or at least an independent one, is not the case in the imagery. Yes, I do enjoy the lovely openings and champagne! However, there is so much research and meetings, many sleepless nights, hundreds of unread messages, tear-soaked pillows, and self-doubt inner battles behind the scene that people are unaware of. Being a curator is an endless learning career, you are always absorbing new knowledge, coming up with ideas, meeting new people… and when your office is set inside your brain, there’s never really a day off for you. A lot of times a curator’s effort is not visible. But it is all these invisible hard work behind the scene makes a good exhibition. Read more>>

David Acevedo | Visual Artist

The thing about art is that a lot of people fail to see it’s relevance in the world. Art is everywhere and it takes a creative spirit to first imagine, then design and lastly, execute a final product. To me, this is the same process for most things created by the human hand. Everything from cars to bicycles, jewelry and watches, crafts and fine art. If more people appreciated the work and value of creatives, especially those who dedicate their lives to produce fine art, there wouldn’t be as many struggling local art galleries, and the world would be a little more vibrant. Read more>>

ShortyDooWop | DJ

Outsiders think that DJs just show up and play music but the never see the behind the scenes. It starts with the many hours a week to download music. There is new music that gets released everyday and we have to keep up. It doesn’t stop there, we have to then organize the music within our laptop and set cue points. We have to keep our laptop up to date with the Kates software updates and always expanding memory. Read more>>

Jojo Tesini | Photographer & Artist

I think the biggest thing that outsiders of photography are unaware of is cost. Finding a common ground when pricing starting out can be scary because of it. You get that “why is the photographer charging that”. Even used professional gear is in the higher hundreds of dollars. Not including the support gear required. A computer that can handle the editing, memory storage for file backups, and the cost of the editing programs alone. It’s a heavy upfront cost that can yield a high return once you catch on. Keep the love for what you do front and center and the other stuff becomes a lot less daunting. Read more>>

Petra Mason | Cultural Historian

How important it is to create your own luck. There is no blueprint, ‘how to’. Read more>>

Collette Dunhill | PRO Makeup Artist/Fashion Wardrobe Stylist

I know for a fact that you cannot even imagine how society needs my profession. A lot of people think that it is not serious job, that no one really needs it. But this profession is not as easy as you might think. We are on the same row with psychologists as we also control and create emotions. Our appearance, just like our soul, is very important to us. And even for those who strongly deny it. Our appearance creates our image, and through the image we create the first impression. We all well understand that almost always the first impression affects further communication. The first impression can also awaken love at first sight. Most of the time it is the key to a successful career. A pleasant person usually looks more reliable. Therefore, I always try to make everyone who sits in my chair feel irresistible. And there is no miracle in that. Read more>>

Chelsea Lane | Owner and Lead Designer

This is not your Grandmother’s wallpaper! I know I say it a lot but it is so true! I can’t tell you how many people are amazed at how far the wallpaper industry has come in the last 20 years. It continues to grow and continues to amaze me. There are so many different patterns and textures out there in so many different styles and price points. Read more>>