We caught up with Shanna Bradford and asked her if she could share her story and advice around making a full-time living from creative work.  Check out her insights below:

Hi Shanna, thanks so much for joining us again – today we’d love for you to open up to us about being a creative and earning your full-time living as a creative professional.  What can you share with us?

My creativity has been in formulating aromatherapy blends for health and wellness products to accommodate physicians pre and post care treatment protocols. The Aesthetics industry is evolving and patients are requesting more natural and holistic products. That can perform at a fast rate via dermal absorption to promote healing without the use of harsh chemicals. Over my 20 year career each path lead me to acquire a unique set of skills. I have learned that you will always be a student in the field of Advanced Dermatology and Aromatherapy. Mapping out a plan of set goals and staying on path will allow you to exceed your own expectations. Also prepare yourself mentally for each milestone you come across, these are lesson that will empower you to push forward. Self confidence is also important because it will keep you hungry and humble to continue to show up and show out. Surround yourself with likeminded individuals who are passionate and inspire you each and everyday.

Awesome and for folks who might have missed our prior interviews, can you briefly introduce yourself and your company?
I am the CEO/Formulator of an aromatherapy company and we offer manufacturing and formulations of clinical aromatherapy blends, health and wellness products such as Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Antiviral Hydrosol Sprays, Specialty Oil Blends, Aromatherapy Diffusers Oil Blends.

Image Credit: U&I Entertainment Group LLC