Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Cash Dallas | Hip Hop/Pop Artist

Taking risk has been everything. Often times people forget that doing your passion means going against what society deems as proper. We’re so often told to, “be whatever you want to be” in life but then told there’s certain guidelines to be it. Never is your passion good enough for people at the beginning and that alone is a risk. Daily, I risk being criticized by my family and peers for choosing such an unconventional path. A path that the see as unsafe. The risk to leave my 9-5 and work odd jobs to maintain time for my craft has upset many. The irony is, they don’t even know the gravity of some of the other risks I’ve had to make to get to where I am. I am a firm believer of the “no reward without risk,” model. Read more>>

Crystal Zeledon | Content Creator

Everyday is a risk, When Coronavirus happened, I had my normal day job while I was still working on my content after work. When I realized that I was going to get transferred to another further location, I went to check it out. Deep inside I knew I didnt want to continue. I was asked to think about it.. it took 4-5 hrs to decide, My decision was not go. Fast forward to now, I never expected to make so many collaborations with so many well known brands. I knew if i wanted change, I had to do something different & know I will fail, I take it day by day. Trust the process Read more>>

Nareg “Nar” Adourian | Aircraft Pilot

Taking risks gets you out of your comfort zone while presenting new opportunities along the way. As a young pilot in a competitive industry, I could have pursued various long term paths that could’ve offered me a stable career, such as flying for commercial airlines, flying private, etc. My desire to take risks first materialized when I was flying private throughout the country where I met many successful aviation business owners. This is where I met Charlie Berichi, owner of Berichi Aviation A Flight School located in Fort Lauderdale, who became a great friend and mentor of mine. Seeing Charlie’s discipline and professionalism motivated me to want to take my own risks, and I ended up doing just that. Read more>>

Mikaela Barnes | CEO & Creative

I think taking risks as an entrepreneur comes with the job, I think having someone on your team or in your circle who can challenge you is essential. I love to jump off cliffs and not look back but I have found surrounding myself with educated and successful people is incredibly helpful for growth. I have learned to take pause before big decisions and lean into the people closest to me, whose opinions I trust and respect. You don’t have the listen to every piece of advice you get but reaching out for counsel and weighing the pros and cons of a decision can help guide you in the right direction. Read more>>

Betty Armas | Online Fitness Trainer

I think I can speak for all of us when I say taking risks can be terrifying! This is because it is in our human nature to be afraid of the unknown, of things we don’t know the outcome of, of things we have not done before, our brain naturally protects us by making us feel scared of the unfamiliar. The body does not like to get out of its comfort zone! Funny enough, successful entrepreneurship involves taking risks. Of course, I still get terrified at times when I have to make a risky decision, but I remind myself to embrace the feeling instead, it’s part of the process! Once we understand how our minds work, we will understand that we control our thoughts and not the other way around. Even if you are not an entrepreneur you will still need to take risks in life! Perhaps it is moving to a new city, a new job, or even a new baby! The way I like to see life now is, without stepping out of the unknown we can’t reach our fullest potential! And we are all capable of greatness if we can master this! Read more>>

Rayshaad Roberts | Professional Las Vegas Photographer

I Love Risk , Nothing Will Change In Your Life Unless You Try New Things & Switch It Up. Don’t Be Scared Of The Unknown Because You Never Really Know What Will Happen If You Take That First Step! Read more>>

Krystal Hart | Contemporary Visual Artist

I would like to say I’m always been a risk taker, which I have been much of my life. But at times it’s been so reluctantly. There is often this internal wrestle between what my heart/mind is leading me to do and the way of the rest of the world. Just to be an artist in general is, well, impractical and shall I say, risky, in our culture in every sense of the word. So taking risk which I also see as going against the grain has always been apart of my life. One may see these decisions as risks, others may see them as steps of faith. You would have to decide how to perceive them. Read more>>

Dilasha Pandey | Digital Creator- Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel

When I hear the word “risk”, the first thing that comes to my mind is excitement and fear. Risk-taking is exactly this mixed feeling that makes us want to get out there and get it at the moment. We are so used to following a routine every day of our life that we do not realize we are stuck in this endless circle. Risk-taking makes us realizes how beautiful and exciting life can be once we choose to be wild and listen to our heart. Honestly, I would not be where I am today in life if I had not taken my first riskiest step. I am a huge planner and not planning days ahead makes me anxious. The first time, I decided to “go with the flow” was not easy. I remember being scared and analyzing the risk and benefits every minute before allowing myself to even try things out. And if you do that too, you are not alone. Let me tell you, it is absolutely okay to take risks, follow your heart, and jump right into it. You do not always have to weigh the pros and cons. Read more>>

Bianca Grant | Entrepreneur & Human Resources

I believe everyone should take risks in order to truly maximize their potential to become successful. Risk taking builds confidence and character. You never know what opportunities you could possibly miss if you’re scared to take risks. I’ve always been an advocate for taking risks and thankfully it has always placed me exactly where I imagined for myself. Success comes in many facets and many view success differently so however you view success is what you should make to be a priority in your life. The key is to take risks that will enhance your life in some way. Read more>>