We had the good fortune of connecting with Anna & Erica The Good Life Girls and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Anna & Erica, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
We both served as traditional high school counselors for the last five years until June 2021 when we ripped off the bandaid and ventured into the wild to open Good Life Co. This was, lets say, the most challenging, rewarding, exasperating, invigorating, exciting, terrifying thing we’ve ever done in our separate personal lives and professionally. We went into counseling to help kids. What ended up happening (to no fault of our particular school or internal admin) was that our responsibilities were spread too thin on things that did not benefit the kids. No one even knew what the hell a school counselor was. How sad is that. Not for us – but for the kids. The absolute disarray and systemic issues that prevented us from carving out the necessary time that we knew was essential for our students to be seen, heard, supported, and encouraged to be who they were. To CELEBRATE them. And the school we left behind? Only had 271 kids. This is not a problem at our one little school – this is an education problem. A problem that didn’t start recently, either. But, it’s something that we hold dear and will collaborate to make right one day (hopefully soon!) not only for the kids but for the amazing teachers who are on the verge of crumbling. Some of the absolute best people that we know are one frigging bad joke away from losing their sh*t completely leaving educations OR staying and losing their heart. To be honest, we’re not sure which one is worse.

Anyway, we came to realize that we had one of two options: 1) Continue to watch the dumpster fire around us encompassing students, teachers, parents, and just complain in our office when things didn’t go our way (which really always was the way that would be best for the kids) OR 2) We could leave the situation to get a damn extinguisher.

The biggest eye opener for us was actually when we realized that we told our students DO WHAT YOU LOVE you’ll never be sorry. And while we found ourselves not loving what we did anymore we DID know how to fix it and how to actually create something that would deeply benefit the young people who we initially chose the profession of counseling to serve and CELEBRATE. And so, with the help of our husbands, and a quaint little one office suite that we decorated tf out of – Good Life was born. We started off as a College Consulting service (while waiting for Anna’s Licensed Professional Counseling License to Process and begin offering traditional mental health therapy as well). Then, things evolved.

Along the way we discovered something called “human design.” Essentially is the Myers Briggs personality assessment on a Venti Starbucks iced coffee with 4 turbo shots. Again, we are both traditionally trained in counseling/therapy and have taken and administered every personality/career assessment under the sun. NOTHING has “gotten” us more than human design. And the kicker? It’s just based on your birthday. Without going into incredible detail here (please check out our website and instagram for more) we realized that each and every client that we work with deserves a completely tailored experience and if that includes a blend of traditional and non-traditional – LETS GO!

Aside from human design, we both got certified in life purpose coaching and now are proud to offer our services (post-secondary, human design & life purpose coaching) to clients of all ages and stages of life. The world needs this, the kids need this, and we needed it. We have never had a clearer sense of purpose, pride, or fulfillment in our lives and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

I guess we haven’t really answered your question yet, either. Our thought process was this: if we don’t do something – who will?

What should our readers know about your business?
We stand out because we don’t allow our clients to leave us until they realize that they do too.

Challenges? LOL we are absolute trash at managerial tasks, remembering passwords, figuring out quickbooks, but boy can we read a room and inspire the heck out of people. Our husbands stepped in quite a bit when we stumbled with business-y things and we realized that asking for help for things that we don’t understand isn’t a weakness its a strength. So, we’re still going strong.

Whether they are in for college planning or life purpose coaching they get the blend of services that they alone need. They get enthusiasm, they get insight, laughter, support, and they don’t realize that they are working through really tough stuff sometimes because our approach is a relatable one. We aren’t the heroes here – we aren’t in charge. The person in front of us had the courage to ask for help and we are honored to meet them where they’re at and have a small part in introducing them to who they were born to be – possibly for the first time.

Our brand? We want everyone to believe in THEIR brand. We want to help create a new way of thinking, new way of behaving, and a new way of appreciating the innate gifts that we all are here to share with the world. Obviously we are working with clients right now on a small scale but long term? We want to gather together the best minds in education (the ones who haven’t been asked their opinion for some reason even though their the ones doing all the leg work) and the best minds in the mental health field and work in partnership to build something for the greater good. This will include but will not be limited to incorporating human design more frequently and normalizing taking traditional methods that work and adding in holistic methods that do too. We don’t accept that we live in an “either or” world. Welcome the era of “both and.” We also have something fascinating in the works that won’t be put into form until 2023 – but it really is going to change the mental health game when working with vulnerability.

Oh and we’re going to have FUN along the way. We’ve elevated the BFF status and find ourselves laughing once minute at one of us doing something make-fun-of-able and in the next seriously plotting how we are going to make a better world for our children, and the next step googling what app to download to start a podcast – cause yeah that is on it’s way too. And its gonna be gooooooood. The #goodlifegirls have some serious range.

If you aren’t following we are talking about (somethings we get pumped and ramble a bit) we plan to restructure the education system (keep what works, ditch what doesn’t) and casually solve the mental health crisis. Whatevs.

“They say fortune favors the bold, and we hope that’s true. When we “make it” we aren’t looking forward to the things that come along with it, we are envisioning the feeling we will get from showing others that they can make their life anything they want, too.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Well first we’d run their human design, then probably ask them if they are hungry (cause we always are) then give them a tour-de our office town of Old Saybrook, CT. We’d hit the local floral shop for some succulents (MAR FLORAL SHOUT OUT!) and then scoot over to our fav boutique (Pearls & Plaid + Post Road Supply WHAT’S GOOD?!) then definitely bring them to one of our favorite spots by the water and take in the beauty of it all. Honestly, though, it would depend on whose visiting. We have zero expectations and kind of let the wind take us where we’re meant to be.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
FIRST AND FOREMOST SHOUT OUT TO THE INCREDIBLE JADE MATHER! If not for her recommending us – this interview would not be possible! She is a woman of many talents first and foremost being a wonderful mom, but somehow manages to balance her powerhouse business persona through her real estate endeavors.

We’d like to take a moment to thank both of our dads (Joe Calano & Bob Mastronardi) for ensuring that we respected and appreciated ourselves, others, and most importantly, “America’s Band” aka The Beach Boys. Alongside our moms (Pam Calano & Lili Mastronardi) we were both ensured from an early age that anything was possible, especially if you love what you do and roll with the punches.

We want to dedicate our shout out to every single human being who ever felt pressure to be something you aren’t, who felt pressure to choose a path you knew in your heart wasn’t for you, felt overlooked, felt isolated, felt lesser than felt pressure to perform, felt pressure to give into something or someone who did not have best interests at heart, pressure to put someone else’s needs over you own, and simply, those of you out there who still have no idea who you are who you might like to become. We’ve been you, we see you, and we’re coming for you.

One person we would not be here without though, is Erica’s uncle Michael Mastronardi. That saintly man worked with us many many zooms trying to teach two gals who barely knew how to spell the word business without using autocorrect and gave us the solid foundation on all legal aspects and beyond. Dude is a legend. Also, obviously our husbands (Ryan & Greg) who would be absolutely beside themselves if we didn’t include the maintenance team and the initial financial support system for our venture. Seriously though, we love them and we think they still love us. And lastly, the rest of our families, close friends, and former colleagues and forever friends at MSMHS. Our Hail Mary pass of a business model has been supported by those that truly matter to us and we could not be more grateful.

Website: https://goodlifeconsultingct.com

Instagram: _goodlife_consulting

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Anna Scott, Erica Cumpstone, and good life’s littlest unpaid interns (Siena & Scarlett Scott)

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