We had the good fortune of connecting with Destiny Pringle and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Destiny, what is the most important factor behind your success?
I started doing hair as a college hustle, so I could provide for myself. As I put more time and effort into it I realized hair was my passion. That passion and love for doing hair is a main factor behind the success for my business but,now that I am raising a beautiful baby girl she has become “The most important” factor behind the drive of success for my business. I need my business to reach endless heights so that I can provide her with the lifestyle she deserves’. I always was a self driven individual but, when I had my daughter I became more focused and ambitious than ever before. I know in this time I can’t be nothing less than GREAT, so that she can grow to be better than me and that’s what drives the success for my brand -STYLESBYPROOF

Please tell us more about your work. We’d love to hear what sets you apart from others, what you are most proud of or excited about. How did you get to where you are today professionally. Was it easy? If not, how did you overcome the challenges? What are the lessons you’ve learned along the way. What do you want the world to know about you or your brand and story?
The most important thing to me when servicing a client is making sure that she wants to return to me in the future. Every hairstyle that I do even down to my wig and frontal installs are treated as a protective style. I strive to grow and protect my clients natural hair on top of providing them with a good quality install. I strive to provide the best customer service to old clients and future clients by responding to each and every text message in a timely manner. I stand on perfection, you cannot and will not leave my chair until you’re satisfied with the service(s) I provided to you. I think doing hair was destined for me it just took me a while to realize it. I started off only offering rope twist as a service to my friends and family in middle school, not even as a passion just to have some extra cash in my pockets for school. It wasn’t until one day in high school when I woke up with blisters all over my hands from doing my friend’s hair in twist and then I told myself I would never do another head of twist ever again. I use to practice simple bondin on my friend Samira and myself in middle school but I still wasn’t looking at hair to be something I’ll do for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until the end of high school on my way to college that I started taking hair more seriously and knew that it could possibly be something I’ll like to do. Everyday and night ill just be watching YouTube tutorials learning new tricks to try on myself, my friends, and clients. The hair industry is a industry where new trends and hair styles come up every week, literally! So I try to encourage my clients to try new styles so that I can keep myself updated with the latest style trend. Nothing is ever easy! everything takes time and practice and still to this day I run into set backs with my business but the mistakes I made today is what drives me to do 10x better tomorrow. I learned to never rush a process and that it is important to treat your brand like your baby because it is a reflection of you. In order to provide my clients/customers with the best quality I take my time with everything that I do. I also learned to depend on myself and not others to get my business to where I need it to be because not all people are willing to help you. With all my mistakes I didn’t take it hard I just let it push me to do better and go harder for my business. Styles By Proof / Extensions is more than just a name it’s a brand, a brand that will provide you with top quality hairstyles and hair extensions guaranteed. A brand that you will remember!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
If my bestie was visiting town and I wanted to take her to have fun first stop would definitely be tootsies lol! That’s my favorite club to just go and catch a vibe. If it’s a Monday I’ll take her to take one. My favorite go to restaurant is Crazy about you but we could also go to Tap 42,Long Horn, or Bar One. We could walk the beach, go to the malls, and things like that.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I want to first thank God for giving me the strength everyday to get up and want to do better for myself and my business. I want to thank my mother for always being encouraging,supportive, and helpful on all those late nights I was up doing hair and she’s looking after my baby without a single compliant. Thank you to my auntie bunny for answering any and every question I had when I first started doing hair. I want to thank all of my friends and family for the endless support but, I want specially thank my friend Sammantha for being the true definition of a supportive friend and I really appreciate you/y’all. Also thank you to my friend Samira and an old friend for letting me practice hairstyles in their hair when I first started doing hair, the practice that really molded me into the beast I am today. Thank you to each and every client or customer that has supported or purchased from my business in any way THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you tweet for the recommendation and big shout out to MYSELF because baby girl your hard work on a daily basis is starting to pay off!

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