We had the good fortune of connecting with Jennifer Page and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jennifer, why did you pursue a creative career?
Since I was little I have always been creative. Lots of drawing, writing, dreaming, playing in the woods of Maryland. My mind works in the thurst for knowledge – history, science, art, animals, pyschology and I just love to get to know people and what they’re about – what makes them work. I’m a very introspective and deep thinker. Sometimes too much. But it’s really informed my writing skills and abilities over the years as well. I knew from an early age that I wanted my career to be in the arts. It’s lead me down a really interesting path. I went to Art School at the Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington, DC. I decided to major in Graphic Design (2002) and I worked in design agencies in DC & VA for 10 years, then moved to Miami. I worked at many really unique places down here including The Bass Museum of Art as their Graphic Designer. I got to meet many local, national and international artists. My dad was a cook on Air Force One and really taught me how to be outgoing, talk to people. See people if their rich or poor or the color of our skin, we are all THE SAME. Everyone deserves respect. I truly see us all as humans first. My design career lead me starting Infinite Muses – which started as vending pieces of jewerly using broken pieces, putting them back together into one-of-a-kind treasures to promote beauty and sustainibility at the same time. I’m now working on the backend of InfiniteMuses.com to have an online store featuring some of my own art, as well as other artists to bring awareness to different subjects: women’s rights, sustainability, etc. and giving a portion to various causes/charities is really important to me and the featured artists.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I worked my way from Graphic Design Intern, to Junior Designer, to Senior Designer, to Art Director/Creative Director. It was NOT easy. But it was rewarding in many ways, including financially and where I wanted to be in life. I got to be creative, but at the same time save money, learn a ton about every new project I had to brand. I was paying for my own apartment in Washington, DC at the age of 24 and I was really proud of myself. But at the same time, these jobs make you work so much overtime. I was really really really overworked and by the time I was 30. I needed a change. A breakup was the big catalyst for a change. I quit my high paying, high stress ad agency job and I moved to Miami in 2010. I was asked to be partner at a design firm here in Miami in 2014…but turned it down for a few reasons. I have a dear friend that I always turn to for business advice. Having been through it herself, the best advice she gave me was: “A business partnership is a marriage, are you ready to marry (former bosses name here)?” and deep down I knew that my time there was over. I didn’t feel he truly saw me as his equal in business. I could have made a lot of money and continued to work on some really high profile and unique projects. But that time was done. I’m thankful for that job and former boss – he really helped me step up my design, branding and logo skills and I am forever thankful. At the same time my life was taking a turn in a direction I never thought it would. I was meditating a lot during that time. I left that job, went out 100% on my own…and in 6 months made what I made at my former job working for a whole year and 6 days a week. I got to travel to NYC a lot that year, bring my laptop, work from there and spend time with my family and my new nephew. And I got to meet some really amazing people when I started practicing Reiki, an ancient Japanese form of energy healing and started to get clients doing that as well. I felt more fulfilled personally and professionally. I was eating healthier and dealing with my stress in healthy ways. The design jobs that started coming to me were more small businesses focused on sustainability, wellness, etc. and it was great to help brand people and companies that I felt were really making a change in the world. I then started Infinite Muses – all I knew is that I wanted to help women. I ended up in a relationship with someone that had a lot of very deep trauma. Here I was meditating sometimes for 2 hours a day…and I attracted someone who couldn’t sit still. We all have a way of overstressing ourselves in our jobs to avoid our own personal issues. The relationship started off well, full of hope. But looking back…we all know those times that we’ve ignored the big red flags people wave right in front of us. But I needed these lessons in order to really help myself and others now. I stopped meditating. I became really depressed, really internalized a lot of it because I didn’t really understand why or what was happening. And then I was offered a really high profile Creative Director job for an Industrial Design College in Wynwood…and I was SO excited to go back to a full time job, and the funding for the school fell through. I went into an even deeper depression and felt really really stuck in so many ways – personally and professionally. The glimmer of fun and hope during that time were the drum circles on 79th St. in Miami Beach, a staple in Miami for over 20+ years. The little freedom I felt at the time was there. I got to dance, I got to feel free. I even started drumming and I have to say I’m pretty good. I learned how to play the drums from some really amazing people. I loved it soooooo much. I met fire performers, dancers, SO many beautiful creative people. Miami overflows with so many talented artists and performers. It was through another breakup that I learned to find myself again and I did through dance, through music and healed by assisting my friend’s talent/performance company. There were a few times performers didn’t show up and my friend threw me in a costume and up on stage to dance one time in front of thousands of people. OMG it was amazing, it was liberating. It was freedom. It was healing. It was then that I really understood that we ALL have so many gifts and talents. We are not just our jobs. We can all dance, sing, write, create, play, invent. All the things that we’re told not to do when we get older “Go get a job, those things won’t pay the bills.” I saw so many people, without healthcare (including myself), without getting properly paid/recognition for their talents. Deep down I’m an artist first, a business woman second. And I decided I wanted to build Infinite Muses as a brand that is focused on people coming together and sharing their talents, networking and through that healing and empowering themselves and each other – men and muses to feel special, to find their voice. I took singing lessons to help me get my voice back. Which lead me to start a podcast last year over COVID, interviewing a different “muse” every week, to hear their story. And last fall I did the most amazing course: www.joyrev.com with a now dear friend, Marc Cordon. It was business coaching and finding our “Joy Revolution” and writing our own Ted Talks lead by the amazing Teri Trespecio. I got to go back to one of my first loves, writing and poetry. Another way for me to heal my own traumas. I went to TedX Ocala with Marc and it completely changed my life. I just did my 1st of many Infinite Muse Cruises aboard Tikki Beach on 2.13.21: www.instagram.com/tikkibeachcharters – men and muses came together on the only yacht in Miami made with sustainable bamboo. I read my Ted Talk to them, Pam Canellas of Halo Arts Miami was our featured Muse and crowned each person aboard as the kings and queens that we all are! We networked, we dancing, we laughed, we cruised with the muses and I’m looking forward to featuring a new muse on each cruise to learn from. Special thanks to Careli Beukema of Careli Connects. We divinely connected when we realized we were both launching businesses on the same day 2.13.21 – to empower women so we teamed up and she brought some of the women from her daytime event to the muse cruise to make it a really special and beautiful day. I am relaunching Infinite Muses podcast in the coming months and I’m looking forward to all the future has to bring. Here is a piece of my TedTalk and Infinite Muses “Manifesto”: “We are ancient draped in the mystical, the swirling of all knowledge above us to night sky. We have returned and love is our weapon of choice. We are Infinite Muses. We are women, through thousands of years of incarnations. We are your wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts & friends. We live in palaces & we lived in tribes. We wear crowns & we dance to the primal beat of the drums. We are beaten, raped, molested, fondled, mansplained and burned at the stake. Still, right now, at this very moment, as we speak. “But still like dust, I’ll rise” to Quote Maya Angelou. We are Infinite Muses. We have returned. And love is our weapon of choice. We cry an aching moan so deep that it echos throughout eternity – wailing moans of grief. The cries of motherhood, of loss, bombed houses and burned villages, sheer terror, dead children and dead eyes – we’ve screamed in vengeance and in pain. We are Infinite Muses. We have returned. And love is our weapon of choice. We come with the beauty of curves – in all shapes, colors and sizes. To be cherished, to be held, and we DEMAND safety now. The predators are everywhere. Hiding behind their desks and in the churches. Hiding behind power. Broken, repeating ancestral trauma of using power to manipulate. We are off balance humanity. So severly off balance. Men. We need you. Now more than ever. Your wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and friends. Will you stand with us? We are Infinite Muses. We have returned. And love is our weapon of choice.” It is time for humanity to heal. It is time to stop taking our traumas out on each other. This is my mission.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
First, I would take them aboard Tikki Beach, Miami’s only yacht made from bamboo located at the Fountainbleau Hotel Marina on Miami Beach: www.instagram.com/tikkibeachcharters It’s so fun and freeing to be out on the water with a small group of 13 people (USCG capacity) friends and family. Especially now. Last year was traumatizing for us all and we all deserve to feel free again in a safe, intimate way. Then I would head to 1-800-Lucky in Wynwood. I love the DJs they have there and the food and drinks are amazing. I’m not sure if they are still doing the drum circles on 79th St. Beach on Miami Beach. But every full moon. It’s free. Bring a drum and dance the night away on the beach under the full moon.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Oh goodness. First and foremost. My family. They are my rock, my grounding. My mom for always being SO encouraging, so loving and kind. She really encouraged my love of reading, of poetry, of art. My sister for always being there for me, cracking me up, encouraging me and loving me despite my stubbornness and always bringing me back to earth when my head is in the clouds for too long. And my dad for always giving me a dose of reality as well. The world is not a pretty place and he never sugarcoated that. I’ve got the balance of loving kindness with a dose of “take no sh!t” because of each of them. And a very special shoutout to one of my greatest mentors, David Leddick. When I moved from Washington, DC to Miami 11 years ago after a breakup, he was one of MANY that not only helped me start my life over, but gave me so many life and business lessons, words of encouragement and advice like “always leave a party like you have somewhere else better to go” and “always moisturize your neck, you never know when it will be your face.” HAHA Hilarious, witty, kind, bold, groundbreaking and a fabulous man and mentor. There are so many people along the way in my life – so many friends, people that believe in me and see me. You all know who you are. I thank you and I love you. <3 And an even more special shout out to the ones out there who I thought were on my side, but ultimately were not…for a variety of reasons. I’ve learned the biggest lessons from each of you. A lesson in forgiveness. Another of my favorite sayings from my mentor David Leddick, the title of one of his 19+ books: “I’m not for everyone. Neither are you.” I’ve closed the people pleasing chapter in the book of my life and I’m so excited for this new chapter and phase in my life.

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