We had the good fortune of connecting with Joseph Fischer and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Joseph, why did you decide to pursue a creative path?
What made me pursue my artistic career is my love for art and I wanted to voice my thoughts. I’m a little hesitant about writing, or even vocally speaking about what concerns me, so I express them through art. For me to get to that stage, my voice had to start somewhere in the creative progress. I just wanted to draw everything around me and eventuallyuse that skill to be creatively vocal.

If I could pinpoint the very moment I chose to pursue my artistic and creative career, would be the moment I was accepted into the Saturday art programs that are held at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. That then led to pursuing art throughout high school and receiving a BFA at university. Being surrounded by all those unique and amazing pieces of art and art history, verified my life goal to become an exhibiting artist and express my voice.

Throughout my lifestyle traveling, I was able to be creative and to apply my work to multiple open call exhibitions. I was not concerned about getting accepted right away because that was not my drive. I applied to get comfortable with myself and to know that I could apply. I had to get past any anxiety about not being accepted. I wasn’t going to give up regardless of the outcome of the acceptance, I just love producing art and if I just kept pushing toward my goal I would get there. There is a feeling that takes over when that finished piece, the one you’ve put all that time and effort into finial gets there and your voice is heard. I love creating unique and thought provoking pieces and that pushes my to continue and pursue my career as an artist. My artistic strengths have landed me in numerous exhibitions locally and internationally. I’ve had the pleasure of being featured in magazines and am able to further the education of art in others as an art educator, justifying my choice to follow my heart as an artist.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I would say that first I am and artist and second an educator. My career has changed over the years but always had an artistic part to it. I was very fortunate to be part of an amazing work team at an art gallery and framing business. Over the many years working in a gallery setting, I was able to really understand clients wants and needs and the importance of patience. I loved the work coming through the shop and talking to the clients, so I had a desire to open my own gallery. Unfortunately, my goal to open my own gallery was not in my immediate future and I was confronted with some life changing events. But, with the knowledge of understanding and willingness to educate the clients, I felt that I needed to take that new knowledge, along with my artist background and pursue a career in teaching. Choosing to be an educator was a very scary choice for me to make. I had to be re-educated and had to  prepare for the many classes and tests needed to be an educator.

Once I became the art educator I set out to be, I would say that that has been by far the most rewarding career choices I’ve made. Throughout my career choices the one lesson that I would have learned from the most is to not give up and to not cut yourself short. I thought it would be impossible for me to go back to school, to pursue a career in teaching and I said to myself many times, is this worth it? Is this the right direction I want to go? Now as I look back on those countless school hours and the many requirement tests later, I will say, it was well worth the effort.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
One thing I love about living in Miami is its many different places to go. A few minutes or even a few hours in any direction can take you to the wildest dance party with local music, fun drinks and killer bites. It can also take you to the most laid back, chill place with there own local music, funky drinks and delicious food. When I get family and friends visiting from out-of-town I like to take them to every graphical spot in Miami. Of course South Beach is the one spot that always gets requested. I use to live on South beach and one of my most favorite places to to go was Mac’s Club Deuce. A local dive with a great atmosphere. Its historical and famous, just look it up. The next is The Clevelander. My friendand family have heard of it so it’s a place that needs a visit. And of course, when your in South Beach, there is no wrong place to go. Walk Ocean Drive and you can’t go wrong.

Downtown is a very eclectic place to be, You can chill and mingle or dance and yell. My favorite place is The Corner. It has a great vibe and lasts all night long. Let the bartender choice your drink or ask for something wild and they will not disappoint. We’ll hit up the local brewers Miami has started to be been recognized for. MIA brewery is a great place to go. Well known for their beers and delicious food. I would also take them to Focal Beer Cafe, formally Bousa. Awesome local beer with the twist on local brew needs. Affordable and the samplers are the best and then choice from there.

I know that my family would want to see the Florida Keys and fortunate for us, it’s only an hour away. One does not need to go all the way to Key West to experience the keys life. Key Largo is plenty far to show those out-of-towner’s a little laid back life. Start or end your visit at Gilbert’s Resort. Large scale tiki hut and live music. They have a bus shuttle to anyone parking far and its great so you don’t have to walk on the road. Fun vibes for my parents and friend who like live music and fantastic drinks. Buzzards Roost is one that I would recommend since it was a recommendation to me. Great seafood dishes and sitting out on the boat yard is cool for my guests. The next place I would take them to would be Mrs. Macs Kitchen with their eclectic decor and the “right from moms kitchen” style food. You have to there for breakfast because they close earlier that others, but don’t worry because Mrs. Mac Kitchen has another location not to far that serves the lunch and dinner part of life.

When visiting Miami, there can never be enough places for anyone to go. My last location I would go to and You never let any visitor leave Miami without getting them into some authentic Cuban food. Rio Crystal is hands down the best. Located in Olympia Heights, you would pass it up if you were not looking. They have the best of everything Cuban. Historical to Miami, Rio offers the finest in Cuban food, Anyone visiting this place will not be disappointed since they have about everything you would want to eat a long as you get their rice and black beans. You can’t leave without getting their rice and black beans.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I would have to say that the one person that I would through the biggest shout out to would be my wife, Emily. She has continuously been the voice right next to me, telling me to continue, to engage and encourages me to be me. She pushed me to continue my own career as an art educator. If it wasn’t for her encouragement, I would have probably stopped.

Emily is an artist herself. It’s nice to have someone else who loves to be creative and pushes her own artistic career and education to the next level. Good wholesome competition. We enjoy each others company and discuss new ideas and/or ask for critique advice toward whatever we are working on. There’s been many people in my life that I would say helped in my creative career. From my mom and dad who encouraged me to pursue an education in art, to my friends who have equally enjoyed my work. But there is one person who takes that top mark and it is that love that I have for my wife that makes her my biggest shout out. She keeps me going.

Instagram: joseph.fischer_finearts