We had the good fortune of connecting with Linzi Martinez and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Linzi, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
With regards to a career, I have always been of the philosophy that you should absolutely do what you are passionate about so that you LOVE everyday of your life and don’t have that Thank G-d it’s Friday” restriction on your precious time. After earning my degree in communications in Canada (I am Canadian), and after having forgot what makes me feel amazingly purposeful in life, – inspiring, motivation and educating people to love themselves and their lives, I went back to school for Natural Nutrition and for a certification for personal training. I learned very early in part from being a competitive gymnast and coach, that taking care of myself both physically and mentally was the key to my happiness, and was the root of self respect and confidence. From exercising and eating well, to consciously choosing to search for the good in EVERYTHING in my life, I believe I uncovered a master plan to loving life and really feeling grateful and ridiculously alive. This was the catalyst to starting my own business, the idea that I can be a part of changing other peoples lives brought happy tears to my eyes and honestly, made me feel like I was on the right path, a path that makes me feel proud. All the amazing things I EVER wanted to do with my life, to all the people I wanted to reach and all the avenues I wanted to project my messages with – like Television, writing, lecturing and producing, I knew would be able to be accomplished effortlessly because it was my truth, my passion and my driving life force.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
After producing and hosting the different TV series for 3 years, I created a company called Body on Fire Fitness. The company is launching late winter 2020 with two assets; defining fitness plans for your booty, abs and more and a crazy sexy, yet elegant body defining athletic clothing line. The company’s incredible fitness programs were created to define and sculpt your body, to create a lean yet muscular appearance (we call this LEANSCULAR!) – 30 day programs for your Booty, leaning out, six pack and more! I created the fitness programs utilizing my proven Body on Fire method of training for women to discover that they can define at any age, fall back in love with themselves and feel better then they did 20 years ago! The athletic clothing line was created out of frustration for not having what I wanted in the market place and because I listened – I listened to all my clients with regards to how they felt in their clothes, what bothered them and what they wished was enhanced or even hidden! I designed the line with T3 fit – Triple Threat Fit, 3 features that make this shape wear the sexiest, most flattering line on the market to date. I am excited for its reveal and entrance in to the world! I am most proud that I have been true to myself and have never let any monetary value or any offers of mass exposure take precedence over my values, morals or ethics. I get offers regularly to rep brands, wear designs, free products and unless I have not only tried the product or service, but thought it to be of value for my self and my followers – I will not touch it despite any payments of any kind. The road to Body on Fire Fitness was not easy and I am truly glad that it wasn’t. It all began with a talk show I hosted and produced for three years on health and wellness. After reaching 100,000 viewers, I wanted to reach an ever larger audience and decided to produce a documentary called Happy Healthy Stronger. It was a three part TV series and a social media series for the local sponsor’s ROI. Prior to the production, I needed to increase my viewership, captivate an audience that believed in me and further educate myself to be sure my information was current and of real value. Here was my first challenge – I needed a year to go back to school to get re-certified and current and a year to create a following! I created a new video everyday for a year and set out back to school and in November 2017 I was ready to go!!!!! What I have learned through all the road blocks (and sometimes boulders!) has been undeniably priceless. I learned how to manage and change, be open minded, how to except and at times welcome and learn from failure, how to be extraordinarily grateful for not only the process but for all the people along the way that gave rise to my dream. I learned to be flexible and open to suggestions and new possibilities beyond my visions, I learned to appreciate other perspectives and thought processes and to REALLY listen. I have learned never to cut corners to put in the sweat and tears and to be patient. I now understand that when we slow down and take the time to think things through, that often it yields to new ideas and perspectives and if had been rushed, would have for sure been over looked. All the challenges made me so much stronger, wiser and quite honestly, prouder – if that sounds odd, but true. All the sweat equity paid off as the series travelled the film festivals (and still is) and has won Best Documentary and Best Host at the Miami Web Fest at the Jackie Gleason Center in South beach in 2019, won honorable mention at the International Film Festival of Manhattan and was officially selected in the The Toronto Film Festival, my home town. All this success having come from the sweat equity of myself and my team gave rise to a new kind of confidence – one that gave me the belief that with hard work and the right people that believe in you and your project, you can do ANYTHING!!!! From there I co-hosted and co/produced another TV show about called the PrimeTime with Well World TV’s creator Debra Koerner – the premise…the second half of life is where you can be ANYTHING you have ever dreamed of! It was beautiful and landed on NBC in July of 2019. Here is where Body on Fire was born! I wanted to do something I have always wanted to do and never tried again! I am 52 years old have managed to stay lean and cut and mostly feel youthful, healthy and ALIVE allowing me to have the confidence to do anything! – I wanted to share this and help women feel the same – to realize that this is their time, they can do anything that they dream of and they can feel more beautiful then they ever have in their life, right here and right now! I am on a mission!!!

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Ahh the beaches are my favorite! From the beautiful healing ocean air and water to the incredibly beautiful people – you can not get better than Miami! Having two artists at home ( Both my daughters are artists) one, Milan Altabet, being the youngest artist in the 2019 Miami Art Basel – this is a time in which I love to have people come and visit! I love to take my guests and my family to Wynwood, it is spectacular and full of gems everywhere! From the insane art on the buildings and walls to the fun and incredibly creative stores and boutiques, there is not a single spot there that isn’t spectacular! I love it! One of my favorite events of all time is the Miami Marathon – I train my clients for full and half marathons and the Miami marathon has always been my favorite! The energy is unmatched anywhere I have ever been and the love in the city is almost tangible! What an amazing event!!!!!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
There are so many people involved in my success thus far. I have learned to recognize my weaknesses and “fill in the gaps” to be whole, strong and bullet proof. My family, husband and kids, would be the first to shout out to – you could call me a work-a-holic in observation however once you get a little closer you would discover the complete and utter joy I derive from my work – and only my family would be privy to this deep love I have for what I do. They are proud and supportive, they know I am on a mission to make a huge difference and often join in certain projects to feel what I feel daily. They have allowed me to be ME and have been so understanding when I get swallowed up in a production or project – they are beautiful in every way and I am so very grateful. I love them so much. Outside my family there has been a person in my life that has made a huge impact on my career, that is my director of photography for my TV series, Gary Scott. (Movieman Gary). Having someone believe in you, even when perhaps at times you don’t believe in yourself , is both incredibly precious and extraordinarily beautiful. Gary is my light when my batteries run out always letting me know I have what it takes to be bigger and better than I am today and I will always be grateful and proud to have him in my life – he is a gift. Barbara Sacks, a dear family like friend and partner, has also stood by my side and has now joined in my adventures. She has been the rock when I need one, I am so grateful. Stephene Klein for helping me with my first show and co-producing, she was irreplaceable; giving me the tools I needed to be stronger and more effective. Finally huge credit and recognition goes to my social media followers, I am so very honored to have their trust, their support and their beautiful love that they continue to show me year after year. They have made so many important things possible and I am forever grateful. I am elated to be giving back through covid with free training and nutrition in a group called In-home Fitness on Facebook – it feels incredible to make a difference in their lives as they will never quite know how much of a difference they have made in mine. Lucky me to have them.

Website: www.linzimartinez.com , www.bodyonfirefitness.com
Instagram: linzimartinez
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/linzi.altabet/, https://www.facebook.com/groups/5DOWN/, https://www.facebook.com/happyhealthystronger
Youtube: linzi Martinez

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