Deciding to work for yourself is often cited as the best decision folks in our community have made. Hearing the same response over and over led us to ask them about the next best decision folks have made and we’ve shared their responses with you below.

Lundy Stanley Junior | Informaticiens, Web Master, Journaliste and Social Média Manager

Before i should thanks God, for me working with myself is the best decision I made in my life, but basically the most important decision I made was to follow my partner’s ideology and to start a new life and to know another culture, I found a lot of help but the ideal person cést my mentor my sister my friend my confidence she is everything for me she represents my company myself and my future, we have been in collaboration for 3 years a lot of respect and love also she is the perfect person and very important in my life and who helps me a lot and Big love for my Grand-Mother and my Friends Ralph Leroy, Miu, Misty, Jnjn Sofly , Judith Accilien, Blendedine, Visa For Music, Voyage Mia and my Fans. Read more>>

Jyssica White | Cosmetologist and Specialist

My single most important decision was finding my niche, tapping into what I love and perfecting over time …but I definitely had to focus on my self growth and used the art of LISTENING .Having compassion for my clients play a huge roll in my success . I genuinely care about their needs and want them to have a positive experience with me and on their own when it comes to hair care. Read more>>

Albert Andrew Valera | Founder of Everything Travel Guy | Smartflyer Affiliate

There is no greater reward than being your own boss and owning your own business and looking back to see what you’ve built over the years. While Everything Travel Guy is my personal brand, it was important for me to align myself with SmartFlyer as an Independent Travel Advisor due the global reach, relationships and wealth of knowledge that other independent agents contributed. I am a strong believer that you should always have people on your team whose strengths are greater than yours, especially in areas that you lack so that collectively you become the very best in the industry. The best advice I can give someone is don’t hesitate to bring on a partner or align yourself to grow. Read more>>