Deciding to work for yourself is often cited as the best decision folks in our community have made. Hearing the same response over and over led us to ask them about the next best decision folks have made and we’ve shared their responses with you below.

Jeff Thomas | Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur/Model

I majored in International Business in college and I think putting myself out in the world to travel modeling abroad after graduating college really gave me real life experience to learn about how to navigate and challenge myself in these different countries with all different types of languages and people. It forced me to be able to learn how to adapt quickly and communicate with those around me whether in business or day-to-day interactions that resulted in finer critical thinking and knowledge of all sorts. Read more>>

Sarah LaPierre | Painter

Other than deciding to work for myself, the most important decision I’ve made that has contributed to my success has been to start where I am and just keep going, accepting that I will learn and grow along the way, and mistakes will be made but there is room for them too. I have seasons where a lot is accomplished and things feel like they are moving quickly in leaps and bounds and its all very exciting, other times things move along slowly and I go back to taking baby steps. As long as I keep making art and moving forward at whatever pace I can manage. Read more>>

Consuelo Bilbao | Fashion Producer and Art Director

I think it was to be true to myself. I really started thinking about what success meant to me, and from that moment on, everything started to fall into place. When you know who you are and what you want you focus your energy very easily. Read more>>

Kyndall Cooper | Christian Birth Doula & Birth Educator

The decision to dedicate my business to God and be in partnership with Him when it comes to the vision that He gave me. Partnering with Him as a Co-Creator and trusting that He knows the beginning and end of all things relating to my life so although I can fail, He cannot & will not. Putting that trust in Him when inconsistency happens or the unexpected pops up, knowing that my steps are ordered by Him if I put Him first and include Him in the process. Read more>>