Our community is made up of brilliant artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, but many of them are also dedicated parents and so we asked them an in port at question: If you are a parent, what do you think is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on your children?

Tanesha McQueen | Hairstylist & Personal Development Advisor

The most important thing I have done as a parent in terms of the impact on my children, was doing my work. Heal the past traumas that have affected me and some of the women who came before me. I came to the realization that her story is my story because of this thing called pathology, so if I didn’t address certain traits, my girls would be living some of the same things, that most call generational curses. Although all things can’t be prevented, they can be discussed before they even are faced with it, and that way they will know how to deal with it, shall these things presents themselves in their lifetime. I always love to face things proactively, instead of reactively. From doing my work, I have created my workbook Becoming a Whole You, available on my website and Amazon. In addition, I created a YouTube Channel under Styling Her Esteem with segments called Life Lessons with S.H.E. We cook, we discuss what a healthy relationship looks like, finances and value verses behavior. The first step was doing my work and the next step is helping alongside my husband raising whole children. Read more>>

Elizabeth Raab | Photographer and Creative Director

I waited until later in life to have children so that my career could weather the storm. I’ve found that throughout that process that working is part of my self care. I am a better person when I’m working, both for myself and for my family. As a working artist I want to show my son that it’s important to follow your passions and your interests, that not everything comes swiftly and easily, but rather it can be cultivated and nourished over time. I think regular exposure to fellow artists and professionals of all types is highly important as well. That there are a lot of cool things out there and the world is there for us to explore it. Read more>>

Harumi Abe | Artist

This year since the pandemic, I started to homeschool my daughter and also her friends. This was a big change that I was not planning but I love how I can witness her growth in first hand. I also enjoy researching books and topics each week. This has certainly affected my studio time but I make sure to continue creating my own work too. I’m accepting that this moment is as it is and trying to enjoy it as much as I can. Like most parents today, I’m not certain how much impact this year has created to my child yet. Read more>>

Adrian and Andreina Zamudio | Founders

As new parents, we like to think that the drive to continue to build our brand and our business has been kicked up a notch by the arrival of our son. We want to build something that will make him proud of us. We want to establish a community. As a small business and parents, we have to work twice as hard to balance the work/life dynamics. But we adapt and we learn everyday. We think it is an important trait to show our son. Read more>>