Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

B. Cloy | Singer/Songwriter

I think there are many different versions of success. People tend to define success as being super wealthy, owning the most expensive designer brands, and driving a fancy car. I think that is the biggest misconception. To me, someone is successful when they can keep their bills paid, provide for themselves, and are thriving in their career. Everyone is successful in their own way. And when you get caught up comparing someone else’s success to yours, that’s when you really start to feel like a failure. Read more>>

Woodly Dominique | Student and Etc.

Success can be defined as many different things. Success for me is how you tend to feel regularly. Life is changing so often that we can feel like we are on top of the world some days. Other days you don’t want to wake up. It all comes from within, and are you at peace with where you are, and if you are not, are you actively working towards that goal. Read more>>

Alejandro Pou | Founder/President of The Home Team

The decision to commit to this vision and take on this responsibility is a culmination of passion, accomplishments and lack of. Once you begin to supplement the ‘what if’s?’ to recognizing the opportunities to ‘paying it forward’, you begin to develop an unbelievable sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. When second chances are no longer an option, passing down prior experiences and knowledge with the next generation and those cashing the same dreams becomes invaluable. Coaching and teaching is a tremendous tool to motivating and inspiring in hopes that certain behaviors aren’t repeated. Read more>>

Liram Sustiel | CEO

We define success as a reflection of your environment. It has nothing to do with the money, cars, or people’s perception of you. It’s all about enjoying what you do everyday and enjoying the people that you surround yourself with. We are fortunate at mph club to be surrounded by many like minded individuals. We are in business today because we provide value and joy to our clients, but we are successful because we enjoy doing it. We enjoy it so much in fact that we decided to start a Youtube Vlog series to capture and showcase all these incredible moments with the world. Check us out on Youtube and see what it’s like “In The Club”, and don’t forget to like and Subscribe. Read more>>

Shevonica M Howell | Private School Founder & Author

My definition of success is easy! Success is being happy and comfortable within your own skin. It’s having family and friends that are there to support and push you when giving up seem like an option. Success is doable and with God all things are possible. Read more>>