Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Ronan Donadon | Hair Stylist

The definition of success in my conception is very much related to inner well-being, and in the way I charge myself in relation to the complete execution, with success or not, of everything I propose to do. success is much more related to high knowledge. To be successful for me is to be happy in the career I have chosen, to be happy in the right decisions and even in the wrong ones. Because you get prestige from the right ones, and prestige is very good, but you also learn from the wrong ones. Read more>>

Dawn Holliday | Educator, Mentor & Therapist

My definition of success if accomplishing anything you set your mind to do. Whether the goal is big or small your dedication to accomplishing this goal is what success is. The outcome can be good or bad, but it’s the ambition that makes it successful. Many times people might look at things as a failure because the outcome may not have been what they expected, but many people fail to realize its the strength to keep going which makes them successful. I believe everyone can successful, it’s about never giving up. Changing the narrative I CAN’T to I CAN and I WILL. Read more>>

Kennedie Scurry | Kenlo of The Kenlo Show (Personality Host)

Success to me when I was younger used to be about having that big house, new car and a bunch of money. Today, I realized that as I get older and see the celebrities get older too, they don’t give a damn about those things because they simply want to be happy. Success is about happiness and peace and doing the things that make you feel abundant and bring you joy. Money can lead you through different doors and get you farther in some cases but if it all falls down today, what do you have tomorrow? Could you wake up the next day and still feel happy? We all love the part where everything feels JUST RIGHT and in order to do that we just tap into our hearts and reality but that doesn’t mean we can create our own. Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a choice to BE every day! Read more>>

DJ Newmark | Radio Personality and touring DJ

I define success as not being a matter of winning or loosing, its all about being able to achieve established goals. Realistic goal setting is very important in the measurement of success. What may look like a failure to some, can also be viewed as a success to others due to the accomplishments that were achieved during the process. Read more>>