We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Alexandra Levis | Financial marketing expert & agency owner

When thinking about the different risks I’ve taken in my life/career, I tend to frame it as “what kind of opportunity does this present me with?” I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to pursue entrepreneurship from a place of opportunity– not scarcity– so it did not feel like a big risk. The worst case scenario was that my business wouldn’t be viable and I would go back on the job hunt. I recognize this is not the norm for many and I’m very grateful to be able to define the word “risk” for myself with a sense of optimism instead of fear. Read more>>

Lena Belyaeva | Artist/Illustrator

Every risk worth to take it. I always think, there are two outcomes possible for me in any risk I take. One is when I succeed in what I was planning to do; and the other is when I fail or lose, but I am still happy because I took advantage of getting some new experience in my life. When I was a resident of Zero Empty Spaces Art Studio in Boca Raton, I met so many wonderful creative people there. Many of them were full-time artists. I was a part-time artist at that time. Sometimes, I worked as a babysitter. It was my dream to become a full-time artist. I told to Scott Jeffries, not only a great artist but a wonderful person, about my dream. I explained that I want to be a professional artist, but it’s a risk, it’s a great risk because artists don’t have regular income, and I am not sure if I can make it. He replied, ” Don’t be afraid of anything! You will do that! Go ahead!” I was so happy to hear such optimistic words from Scott. I am grateful for his advice. Read more>>

Idalia Salsamendi | Entrepreneur ; Business Strategist ; Journalist

Without a shadow of a doubt I would not be where I am if it weren’t for the risks I’ve taken, both in my professional and personal life. I think risk is absolutely necessary to grow. Without it, we stay stale and stuck… never evolving, never learning, never truly experiencing all that life has to offer. The most important thing about risk is to make it as calculated as possible, ie: calculated risks. Take a step back from the situation and analyze as objectively as possible the pro’s and con’s to any situation. Then decide. Never let fear hold you back. When I feel some sort of fear about the unknown, I know undoubtedly that it’s a chance for me to grow and excel. My heart beats a little faster than usual, and it’s a sign that I’m on to something good. Learning how to use fear as an indicator for growth has been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my life. Read more>>

Jacq Dowling | Astrologer, Entrepreneur & Spiritual Teacher

I’ve taken many what other people might think of as risks in both my life and career. I am naturally someone who is comfortable with change and is always down for an adventure and it has definitely manifested itself self in taking big leaps throughout my life. I’ve traveled the World by myself, moved to new cities on a whim, and started new businesses in fields I didn’t know how to crack. With big risk comes big reward. Read more>>

Simonett Pereira | Founder & Creative Director – Simonett

Starting something that doesn’t already exist and have a proof of concept is always going to be a risk. My ability to trust my vision and intuition definitely helped me cultivate what I’ve built. Read more>>