Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Vince Perri | Public Insurance Adjuster

Elite Resolutions, Inc. is a public adjuster firm. The very essence of what a public adjuster does is advocacy for a policyholder needing assistance and expert advice throughout the insurance claims process. When disaster strikes, and your most prized possession is hit by a hurricane, hail storm, water burst or flood, we are there to help pick up the pieces, protect your home, gather the evidence, put together an estimate of repairs on site, and guide you through every step of the way to assure you proper compensation from the insurance company to help put your home, business, or building back together again. Read more>>

Briana Beaty | Palm Beach Moms founder

That is fun to think about. I would like to think it lends a soft spot for mothers to land. A space for support. Help finding a dentist? Nursing questions? A baby-sitter? Playdates? It’s all here. Read more>>

Cristina Rodriguez | Social Entrepreneur | President & Co-Founder of Mind&Melody

Over seven years, I’ve devoted my life to bringing one of humanity’s gifts, music, to connect individuals living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and related neurological impairments with younger generations. I have witnessed the power of music and human connection in transforming seniors’ moods and helping them regain pieces of themselves that may have seemed lost forever while instilling purpose and empathy in younger generations. Read more>>

Ronald Abraham Jr | Digital Marketing Strategist & International DJ

Check WI was developed with 3 aims in mind: 1) To reduce Caribbean Brain Drain. 2) To Provide a direct link for the world to access authentic Caribbean talent. 3) To educate users & visitors on latest trends in technology and provide them the opportunity to upskill in the most relevant & lucrative areas. At almost a year in business, we are pleased to say that we are well on the way to realizing these aims and greatly impacting the digital advancement of our Caribbean community. Read more>>

CEO McClain | Founder/Creator of Trainingdayct

Here at Trainingdayclt our MAIN goal is to help develop and educate the artist. As we know there is little to no artist development and it has led to artist signing BAD deals and being used for their likeness and not owning anything. So not only do we offer the platform for artist to hone their skills, but we also drop what we call “Free99 Gems” on our Instagram page informing artist of critical things they need to know in order to make it as an artist in the music “BUSINESS” Read more>>