Sometimes a book, or even just a line, chapter or passage within a book can stick with us long after we’ve read its final page.  We asked some of our favorite community members to tell us about a book that’s had a meaningful impact on them.

Aline J. Milfort | School Psychology Doctoral Student|Author|Speaker| Advocate for faith + mental health in black and brown communities

Recently, I read the book titled Beautiful Child by Torey Hayden, based on a true story that follows the story of a special education teacher for one year, who works with five children with various disabilities. However, the story focuses on Venus, a seven-year-old girl, later identified with selective mutism, a complex childhood anxiety disorder characterized by a child’s inability to speak and communicate effectively in select social settings, such as in school. Read more>>

Alejandra Shalom | Makeup Artist

Lately I read “The 4-hour Workweek” (expanded and updated) from Timothy Ferris, this book is perfect for unpredictable economic times, so it came at the right moment. No matter where you work even if you are a housewife, this book will help you organize your time in a way that you can enjoy your life, make money and have quality time with the ones you love. In my case it helped me with deciding on what is really important vs things that sometimes just take our time and don’t really benefit us. Read more>>

Gilbert Rodriguez | Artist & Illustrator

I consider that book to be a very special one setting the sparkle of fantasy in the artist I am today. By reading it, I was able to “see” that world and it characters, also learning at the same time important values such as friendship, love and many others that, being such a young kid, it really helped me understanding more the real world and the interactions wirth people around me. Read more>>

Amanda Jade Gonzalez | Accountant & Home Baker

Back in 2016 I read the book, “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. It completely changed my life. Gabby teaches you how to have faith, stop focusing on your fears and giving into them. She teaches the reader that the Universe DOES have your best interest in mind & you have to trust the process. I’ve always been an anxious person, always planning and always preparing for the “worst thing” that can happen. Read more>>

Joann “Moonie” Holmes | Artist, C.E.O, & Entrepreneur

In my younger years when life was taking a toll on me I read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. I will truthfully say I read this book in less than 24 hours. What I ultimately got from the book is to never give up, you never know how close to the finish line you may be. The story of a shepherds boy who had reoccurring dreams of treasures near the pyramids of Egypt. Read more>>

Danny Agnew | Co Founder of The Roots Collective

I’m big on reading. A more recent read is a book called Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia. It talks about how businesses can do social good while making money. I had this book on my checklist as I wanted to gauge how others expanded while ensuring their ecosystem is ethical. Read more>>