We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Luli Ballestrin, Silvana Larrarte, Carola Urtubey. | Owners & creators from Las Sureñas.

Team work. I think that the most important factor is always the human one and the relationships. The three of us that create everything in Las Sureñas. We are the spirit, we are behind everything, every detail and every big decision. Our intuition is our drive and the best part of our team is that we complement each other. What one of loves to do, the other one doesn’t and thanks to that each one can develop what we she is naturally good at. Read more>>

Haley Dagan | Founder and CEO of The Written World

Honestly, the most important factor behind the success of The Written World is passion. When you’re passionate about what you do, you wake up every day eager to do it. As a small business owner, that passion keeps you going through late nights, early mornings, and weekend hours to turn your dreams into realities. It fuels your sales calls with potential clients, bridges connections at networking events, encourages you to keep pushing forward through business or market challenges, and inspires others to join your company and believe in your mission. Passion and purpose are behind everything we do, and I genuinely feel that’s why we’ve been so successful. Read more>>

Latoya Cave | Certified Professional Resume Writer & Career Consultant

The most critical factors behind my success are professionalism, quality, and understanding. Although what I do isn’t too glamorous, eye-catching, or trendy, some might think it’s pretty dull and uninteresting however, it is quite necessary! Behind the scenes of 1ST Leap Workforce Consulting, our success story is driven by me being more than just a Professional Resume Writer. I’ve seen my clients tackle the good, the bad, and the ugly while navigating the journey of life and career. My client’s need to win is my top priority and number one goal. Read more>>

Brennan Coker | Sustainability Content Creator

Simply put, commitment and consistency have made all the difference. I was determined to make things work, because I didn’t have a Plan B in place, and that lit a fire under me to show up every day with a get-things-done mentality. As a result, I have not missed a day of creating content in over a year, and I’ve posted at least once every single day for over eleven months. This may sound overwhelming to some, but choosing a field that I genuinely love and feel passionate about has allowed me to be excited every step of the way. It doesn’t feel forced when it’s rooted in authenticity. Read more>>

Kay Shriner | Fashion Model/Micro-Influncer

I can sit here and name off a numerous amount of important factors to my continuing success, but the number one factor that comes to my mind is drive. The way I define drive is being able to have the world weighing on your shoulders and still be able to get up and conquer each day with the best attitude possible. Life will forever throw curve balls and put you through some crazy hurdles. That is the frustrating part about life, but there is also beauty in the struggle. Read more>>

Renzo Cocchia | La Birra Bar Founder

It is definitely our product. The great differential of La Birra Bar is a 100% fresh and homemade product. We bake our own buns daily, we grind our meat, we make our patties, our sauces and toppings. All of this with the passion, love and respect we have for our burgers. We love what we do and serve people with the product they deserve. Our customers realizes this as soon as they take the first bite. Read more>>

Juanita Sierra | Interior Designer & Founder at Blu Ink Interiors

Passion and dedication are key in my daily work routine. I strive to really deliver the client’s vision for their home. So, I listen very carefully to what their goals, likes and dislikes are of the current space, then we design and transform it. Read more>>

Vanessa Charlot | Documentary Photographer

My work as a documentary photographer has been successful because of my commitment to visually presenting Black life in Miami and throughout the Americas as authentic, nuanced and beautifully complicated. My work, I hope, disrupts the monolithic story of what it means to be a person of color and instead provides a rich tapestry that people seem to resonate with. Read more>>

Hailey Rose | Pastry Chef & Small Business Owner

I would say the most important factors behind the success of HaileyPancakes are authenticity and quality. I try to be authentic in everything I do for my business, from communicating with clients about their orders to creating flavors I think my audience will love. With that same mindset, I shoot for high quality, not only in my ingredients and the products I serve, but also in the experience my client has when placing an order with me. Read more>>

Rodrigo Leguizamón | Owner – Management

To be honest, There’s many factors behind success through out the time it takes to have a successful brand or business, in our case we have the business which is our Automotive Shop & Our brand which started with stickers and now it’s a full clothing line. Main successful factors in our point of view starts with the management, followed by The product, the service, Marketing, Sales, Customer appreciation, attention to detail, establishing a relation ship with a customer and not be just an in and out place where the customers just feels like any other place around the corner. Read more>>

Adolfo Tejeda | Health Supplements Business Owner

I began my brand when I encountered a problem when I began my fitness journey. About two years ago I started to notice that stress and weight had become a health issue. My doctors had been telling me for sometime that I needed to lose weight and I had to learn how to disengage at work. My career was starting to take a toll and I decided it was time I took care of myself and my health. Through my like I had always been athletic and played multiple sports growing up. Read more>>

Lisset – Lismania Beauty | Beauty Content Creator

For me the most important factor to success is to have Perseverance because you need to be able to keep going and not give up despite the obstacles in the way. Be persistent in what you want to achieve because no matter how hard it is or gets, the outcome is going to be much better. Read more>>

Amorette “Epiphany” Lormil | Poet & Singer

The most important factor behind my success is community. I am not afraid to ask for help. I am not afraid to find when I don’t have. I also allow my community to force me to rise to the occasion. I surround myself with people who will only accept greatness from me. Read more>>