We had the good fortune of connecting with Sheila Echazabal and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sheila, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?
Want me to be direct? Me. I am one of the most important factor behind my business and its success. I’m the one that puts the work in day in and day out! Push myself a little more than i did yesterday, just to keep the business going. I have gotten to where i am today though hard work. I worked non-stop my first year, till this very day. I wear so many different hats on a day to day basis, some days i need to be CEO at the bank than a customer service rep after work when someone is inquiring about lashes/Brows or my least favorite, an accountant at the end of the every month. All those things and more while still trying to maintain and service my clients. It’s not easy what so ever but it possible, i’m proof of it. Now did I get to where i’m at today on my own? HELL NO! I wouldn’t even of have’d it that way. I’ve been mentored, worked alongside, and looked up to some of the most amazing women in my life. Truth is, this is how I came to be so confident, not only in my industry but in my day to day life. “Behind every successful business woman is a tribe of women who have her back” For starters, I have an amazing mother who took a huge risk at 22 years old. She was willing to risk everything, and actually did it! Cuba was all she knew, born and raised there, but when you have children thinking about the future hits as little different. She would always tell me “Siempre soñé con ir a los Estados Unidos. Sabía que Cuba no era el lugar para criar una hija. En Cuba hay tanta pobreza y necesidad… Yo extraño a mi familia, pero mira lo bien que lo has hecho por ti misma, yo estoy tan orgulloso de ti.” Without her taking that risk i would still be in cuba, i can’t even imagine my life there. I am so grateful for her and that crazy decision she made back in 1994. My wife is another one who is a major factor in my business. She plays so many roles along side me. She has helped me with all of it. From helping me pick out a name to helping me hire an assistant, to making sure i renew my license just in time. She has been my #1 supporter since day one. Any crazy idea that’s came to mind, i know i can always go to her. She keeps me grounded, i can be a dreamer, and she kinda snaps me back into reality when i drift off. I’ve has so many crazy ideas, and shes’s never shut them down, on the contrary she encourages me to grow through everything I go through. My Curiosity has lead me to meet some of the most amazing people in my industry. I remember very early on in my career just with the upmost confidence taking this course i though i was experienced enough to take. girl was I wrong, it was so humbling. My curiosity only grew from there, i’ve taken at least 2 courses a year. Went from taking local courses to traveling just to grow my business through education. Miami, Dallas, Vegas, Phoenix, and man was I close to making it to Russia and Paris for some lash competitions. So I can’t forget to mention a few names, because without them I would not be where I am today. Tianna Seo, my dear friend. I’ve grown so much because of her, She’s helped me beyond what she knows and is such a mentor to me. Tianna gave me the opportunity to work alongside her on The Lash Exchange team and allowed me to experience traveling between 2 states to service clients. This is such a cool concept i’ve been doing for the last year and a half and i absolutely love it All made possible by Tianna and her lovely family. Trina Dial Horne, always keeping me curious. This amazing soul is someone i’ve looked up to for years, being able to call her a friend sometimes blows my mind! She has leveled up the lash industry in such a graceful way. She’s taught me how to elevate myself in the industry through my art. Allowing me to give my clients an experience like no other, so thankful for that. Gina Lucia from Hyber, the soul behind the brand development. She is my brand creative director and the one who brought my whole brand to life! I remember telling her i want to have a brand that represents me, and she made it possible. Meeting Gina 1 year into lashing was so crucial to my business, when i found out about branding it was a whole new world i had to educate myself on. But there was just an instant click, when we had our initial phone meeting and such a comfort when we met in real life. Her hands are the one responsible for my website, newsletter, even my business cards. I swear if it wasn’t for this woman i don’t think i would have such an established brand. Elena Meluk from LashMakers, remember that humbling course I took, yeah she was the educator for it. I went in thinking I knew it all… man did she show me otherwise. Not only did she actually teach me what and where I needed improvement in my lash game. She taught me a lot about the business side of the lash industry. Elena helped me elevate my state of mind, the fact that i don’t need to hundreds of clients i just need some, high quality clients willing to pay a premium price. Last but not least my clients, had to save the best for last! I say this all the time, but my clients are the best! I swear i can’t imagine where i would be without my clients because they are my business. Since day one my mission and main focus has always been my clients. They are the heart of Facexcape. I started my lash/brow journey at 22 years old, I was so young, yet they trusted me wholeheartedly. I love every single one in so many different ways, I still have some that have been with me since the very beginning! Every client that i’ve serviced has supported my dreams. Allowed me to put food in my fur babies tummy. I’m just glad to have such genuine and open minded clients. Going back to your main question, I owe a lot to my success. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy but it is so worth it! I am a one woman team but I didn’t make it here by myself, nor do i feel like i’ve hit my mark yet. I still have so much to learn and so much to grow from!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
A week in Miami? what’s there not to do is the better question. We would start the week pretty chill, and slowly work our way to the weekend. Brunches and dinners on tap, as well as some sugared rim margarita’s. Monday – wake up early go to the beach, go jet ski ridding. Get exhausted and go for food at the Baleen in sunset beach. Go home and play some board games with a couple bottles of Prosecco. Maybe pass out watching a scary movie Tuesday – Is legit made for tacos. Wake up starving from last nights, probably wake up pretty late. Go have lunch at Cayo Taco, all their taco are so bomb! Then we’d enjoy the downtown-ish area and just bar hop. They have many unique bars down by the Wynwood/Brickell area. Wednesday – I love movies, so i’d probably suggest to do an all day movie run, if we stay in we’ll definitely order whatever looks the yummiest on UberEats. If we decide we rather step out to the theaters, i’ll make sure we stop by Antonios Pizza in Miramar, ugh! i love this place. Go catch some snacks at Walgreens and sneak them into the movies! maybe go for ice cream after, literally love doing this. Thursday – definitely would want a day to go run errands and buy something cute for the weekend ahead. So, something like shopping at Aventura mall. Once we’re all done, i’d make sure we stop for brunch at the alchemist! Friday – Maybe drive up to Orlando and go to a theme park. That is always a fun time! Saturday – Spend half the day at Disney Epcot park drinking all around the world, then go to downtown Orlando and catch an improv or comedy show. Saks Comedy Club is my fav place in Orlando to do this and then we’d hit Joystick bar after. Sunday – Would be a most needed relaxation day. Whether it be a spa day, mani pedi, massages, or just a day out by the pool. What better way to end their trip or their weekend than with an off day.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Nicole Echazabal – Always keeping me balanced Tianna Seo from The Lash Exchange – Invited me to work along side her in Dallas, TX & i’ve never looked back Gina Lucia from Hyber – Helped me bring my business to life through brand development Trina Dial Horne from Maven Artistry – Elevated my Lash artistry Elena Meluk from LashMakers – Introduced me into the Russian world of lashes. Megan Bradley from WinkLash – Always showed me how to work smarter not harder Crystal Lauren from Lash Chronicles – Inspired me to travel for work Ana Botero – Taught me how to thread brows Gabriela Trujillo – For reassuring me that Non-Compete contracts are BS! Jennifer Mathis – For giving me my start Every single one of my past and current clients!

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