Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

AndyandGabs | Bloggers & Digital Creators

Risk is the first step to achieve your dreams. Without risk nothing would exist . It goes hand in hand with fear; that’s why courage, perseverance and the desire to do what you are passionate about are the key to change the lives of thousands of people. The fact that we’re inmigrants, the word “risk” has played a huge role in our lifes, because we left our routines, our family and friends in the place that watched us grow, that we knew, and it has been a complety challenge for us; you have to adapt to a new culture, new language that are unknow for you. We think that this has been our biggest risked we have made to pursuing our goals. Read more>>

Staci Taustine | Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Coach, Dog Momma

After nearly passing away in 2016 I consider myself lucky to wake up for life every day playing to win rather than to break even. I always joke that in this “bonus life” of mine, risk takes on a whole new meaning. The first time around I was very measured, built strong walls to protect myself, and valued caution because I believed it would keep me safe. While these things were not entirely untrue they prevented me from falling in love, giving my full trust to others, betting on myself in my career, and being unapologetically me when it matters most. Read more>>

Gina Sansonia | Executive Chef/Owner – Cucina Bambina Inc

I was raised by hardworking, Italian-Americans who always stressed education & job security. Neither of my parents were entrepreneurs, so the thought of starting my own business was a scary, foreign concept. You often hear people say “the greater the risk, the greater the reward”. I agree with this statement, but I’ve learned that there’s a time, and healthy progression for this. You can’t be complacent in business, and you always need to push yourself to get to the next level. Read more>>

Terrence Tyus | “Nerdz”

I think risk is about not knowing what’s going to happen after taking that risk and what I mean by that is going for that leap not knowing if there’s going to be somewhere to land on after you take that leap it’s all about faith it’s all about believing in what you believe in it’s all about believing in what you’re capable of risk-taking has played a lot in my life and career because I took a risk to move to a another state that I knew nothing about and Didn’t know anyone and a whole pandemic hit and I didn’t let it get to me I stuck to the mission and said I was still going to be successful with my business during hard times. Read more>>

Briana Cooper | Personal Trainer & YouTuber

Risk: the possibility of something bad happening. Ever since I moved to Miami, taking risk is one of the biggest things I applaud myself on. Moving from the small town of Cleveland, Tennessee to a city that would literally SWALLOW my hometown – was risky and terrifying. When I quit my job in the middle of a pandemic because my mental health was at stake – that was a risk. When I decided choose entrepreneurship over finding another job – that was a risk. I think when we talk about risk we must also talk about the fear that we’ve had to overcome… Read more>>

K.T /( Showthief ) | Artist & Football Player

Taking risk is something I’m a firm believer in. I tell people all the “GO FOR IT “. I think that the people who have been successful in life have all took a risk at some point. You can name any one you would like and I’m sure at some point you will find a example of them taking a risk to better their future. Taking a risk is also big to me due to my Christian faith. There are countless stories in the Bible were risk taking took place and it just shows me that we shouldn’t be scared to take a chance. There are people at home right now saying what they could have done or should have done and I’m almost certain they wish that the took a chance. Risk taking has played a humongous role in my life. My life is somewhat a story of trusting God and betting on your self even when no one else may see it being accomplished. Read more>>