We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Helene Amster Kopel | Product Manager and Host of The Agile Self-Development Podcast

For so many years, I didn’t feel like I was an artist or even creative at all. As a kid, I sucked at art projects and couldn’t stay in the lines when I was coloring. As the daughter of an accountant and bookkeeper, I was amazing at math and was highly analytical. Read more>>

Rochelle Underdue | Hip Hop and Fusion Movement Dance Educator of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Hip Hop Ambassador for US department of States exchange (Next Level USA)

I pursue dance because of how it has been utilized around me throughout my whole life. From being a 80’s kid raised in 90’s Hip Hop, dance was already a love language easily spoken. Moving to Fl and being raised in Jacksonville, Florida, dance has always made its way in my life. Through every single good or bad thing that occurred, dance has ALWAYS been present. Even when I didn’t want to pay attention to it. From being a Flag girl in band to being top 5 dancers on the dance team, dance has always grew me into the woman I know I’m capable to be. Early 2000 I was able to join the dance community where I received majority of experience. Read more>>

Brooke Frank | Artist

Becoming an artist felt like the only way for me to avoid narrowing my interests. I have always been a curious person, and for most of my life, I had explored my various interests through drawing. I draw any time I want to know something. I love making connections between seemingly unrelated topics, pulling them together in the space of a drawing or painting, and finding the metaphorical thread which runs through them. Read more>>

Kash Erickson | Artist/Singer-Songwriter/Producer

I’ve loved music since I was a child. My mother was a percussionist so she put me on all types of music growing up. She would tell me I used to hum the melody to “Aeroplane” by RHCP all the time before I could barely speak. Read More>>

JD Danner | Singer/Songwriter, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

After spending a few years as an accountant in corporate America, I found the pressure to meet deadlines for monthly financial reports to be empty and soul crushing. I felt a restlessness to create and play music for my own sense of joy and healing aa well as to share that with others. I believe there is a power in music to move emotions and I wanted to make a legacy and difference in this world through my songs. So I put down my pencil and picked up my guitar… Read more>>