We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

David Martin | Fitness & Wellness

My main purpose is to help people to reach their goals and get them to improve everyday. This is not just fitness or how they look, It’s to find the balance between mental and physical health so people can be confident with themselves and being able to enjoy the process of life. Read more>>

Cindy Urena | Social Media Manager

As a service provider with a niche in the Latinx community, I am servicing my community the best way I know how. I apply the skills and knowledge I’ve gathered over the years and help Latinx entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I’m a faithful believer in that ‘if one of us makes it, we all make it.’ Nothing makes me happier than helping a fellow Latino(a) succeed because I know the difference that makes in our community at large. Read more>>

Carey Miller | Personal trainer & Special Needs Coach

MMFITNESS is passionate about our clients living their best life in their best body. Getting fit and healthy is just the first step in a full life transformation. I, Carey Miller, am a certified personal trainer & special needs coach. My goal is to make my clients feel better about themselves in every area of their life. When people are in shape they look better, feel better, and make better choices. I believe health and fitness has an impact on my client’s personal relationships. Read more>>

Amanda Vivas | Graphic & Jewelry designer

The Mandy Club creates genderless jewelry pieces. Our aim is to help expand awareness about inclusivity and erase social boundaries, not limited to pieces anyone can wear but also providing an online community where we all support each other and are able to express ourselves through fashion. Read more>>

Jill Romano | Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner, Thrive Power Yoga Palm Beach

At Thrive, our mission is to bring an elevated yoga practice to as many people as possible. Our vision and method of yoga is to utilize traditional yogic principles in a modern way that enables our students to apply it to their everyday lives. We don’t just teach positive affirmation. We teach social and personal ethics, meditation and breathing exercises, along with physical yoga postures that help our students realize areas in their own thoughts and life that they can change or elevate. Read more>>

Irene Guerrero | Co-Founder

Holy Crab’s stone crabs are sourced daily from the Florida Keys and are served with our homemade mustard sauce and branded wooden mallet. Aside form being delicious, stone crabs are sustainable and so is our packaging made out of 100% recycled material. You can eat well and help conserve the planet all at the same time! We pride ourselves with working with local fisherman to bring our customers sea to table” excellence. Read more>>

Jodi Riley | Certified Grant Writer and Nonprofit Development Consultant

When I started my career working in a government-funded nonprofit in 2012, we commonly partnered with other local nonprofits and so I really got to know all of the community service agencies in the area. Throughout the years I witnessed the struggle local nonprofits were having when it came to grant writing and development. When the staff is primarily focused on serving clients, it is almost impossible to find the time and resources to devote to long, complicated grant applications. Without grant funding, nonprofits are limited in their ability to provide services and grow programs. In 2016 I decided I could fill a gap here. I resigned from my full-time job and started working as a consultant/grant writer for a few local organizations. Read more>>

Christine Irizarry-Amoruso | Certified Fraud Examiner

Forensic accounting is far reaching, ever changing, impacts global economies and sometimes a faceless crime. When I started Tradition Accounting, I wanted to use my skills as a Certified Fraud Examiner to teach small businesses about the pitfalls associated with internal fraud, how to detect and prevent fraud in their organization, investigate company financial deficiencies and the many benefits associated with outsourcing the in-house accounting or bookkeeping role. Read more>>

Denisse Hanley | Creator & Owner of Joyful Scents

We are focus on share the positive impact of scents in our lives to improve our well-being. . Is already demonstrated by science and some of the benefits are better help our mood and behavior, bring good memories, lift up the spirit and provide stress relief, also some scents have been used for the healing process. We know for sure if people understand that scents have this impact in there life, they can by a product with a purpose.That we sell a product with purpose ‘ Feel well! Live better! that is the goal we have to help our community and the world. Thank you. . Read more>>