We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Annabelle DeGrazio | CEO & Co-Founder

Being a lawyer has helped me in my entrepreneurial journey. Problem-solving skills are crucial and most likely the reason why I haven’t given up. Issues arise on a daily basis and it is critical for me to continue to find solutions and keep things running smoothly. Read more>>

Sarah Demauro | Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician

After working as a professional MUA for over 13 years now, I can say that the habits that have helped me succeed are being prepared, being organized and being on time. Equally as important as my artistry skills and the rapport that I build with my clients, these habits that I’ve cultivated and developed over my career have set me apart in my industry, and allowed me to grow my business. Being prepared is so essential as a makeup artist, it means having all the products and tools I could possibly need to be successful on any job – to accommodate any skin tone, any skin type and any request. Being prepared means that I have a lot of products and tools in my kit, so keeping that all organized is key. By being organized, and having all my products together and easily accessible, I can work quicker and more efficiently, which is so important as almost every job is under a time crunch – whether it’s getting a bride and her bridal party ready for a wedding, or getting models ready for a shoot. Read more>>

Tina Naidu

Something about this question had me take a step back. Why? I feel like it comes down to how you define success; how you measure it and what you measure it against. It is pretty relative! It is something that comes and goes and in my opinion every step forward is success. It means I am able to show up, do and share what I love, come back to it, learn every day, and keep growing and evolving. It means that the brand I am creating isn’t just about me, but about the people that it may impact. So here are a few habits that keep me going: – Creating a checklist: I have a dry erase board/calendar where I notate things I need to get done for the week. I also have a few goals that I would like to accomplish. Certain things are tasks at hand that need to be done, while others are items for self growth and setting myself up for the future. Something about seeing it and checking it off. It helps me keep going. It helps me reprioritize as and when needed. Read more>>