There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Ebbeskov Jankovic | Co-Founder & Engineer

The most important factor behind our success and the success of our brand iUSE photography is all related to hard work, consistency and dedication. We always overdeliver to our thousands of Real Estate clients when we perform our Real Estate Photography Services. Also, it might seem basic and simply, but we are also very responsive at iUSE photography – we pick up the phone when customers call, we reply to emails and text messages very fast, and we are very reliable. We always keep our promise to our customers, and when we tell them that we have “Blue Sky Guarantee” and Next Day Delivery of our Real Estate HDR Photos, then we keep our promise and always deliver fully photoshopped HDR Photos the very next following morning. This is extremely rare to find in Miami. Read more>>

David Bernard | Singer-Songwriter & Musician

Making sure there’s a meaning behind it, I want to make a relatable impact through my music. by doing that I love to make my storytelling a big factor in my songs. I want my songs to last long, leaving the listener with a strong connection that relates to the Current Life. Read more>>

Braindon Cooper | Entrepreneur, Crooner & Creator

I never gave up on me. Read more>>

Sam Bierstock, MD, BSEE | Physician, Entertainer, Song-Writer & Featured Speaker

I think my success has evolved from simply allowing my mind to go in non-conventional directions. I am creative by nature, and I have found that when I give thought to a problem or an idea, approaches that may seem out-of-the-ordinary often become doable and the results can be unique. Then it’s just a matter of being willing to take associated risks risk and go for it. Read more>>

Dr. Daisy Monterroso | Owner & Clinical Director

Culture. Not so much in the diversity within our company, but the culture we have created as the heart of the company. When others I know are diving into the new adventure of starting their own company, I always let them know that they should understand the culture that they desire for their brand. When someone hears Monterroso Integrative Services, I hopes that people would see a culture of collaboration, support, genuine caring for our clients and our staff. Creating this culture within a company is no easy task. It’s not something you do, its who you are. It’s a collection of moments that you have with your staff, admins, clients, and even yourself that tell the story of who your company is and the culture you stand on. You may also see culture as the values within the company. What matters to you? My mother always told me, “If you chase money you’ll run in circles. Chase your passion and you will go far.” Read more>>

Sean Gibbons | Event Design & Production

The most important factor behind the success of TOCA Events is the incredible team of colleagues and collaborators that comprise the TOCA brand. Our core team is made up of highly talented, dedicated and responsive professionals that share a collective respect for each other as well as our vendor partners and clients. The sometimes stressful and time sensitive nature of our business requires a team that is fluid, can stay focused and problem solve on a moments notice. Additionally, over the past ten years TOCA Events has established vendor partner relationships across the US and abroad that enables us to service clients with the highest level of quality and service. Read more>>

Matthew Palmer | Photographer

The single most important factor for me at the moment is ensuring that my clients enjoy the time we spend working together. I aim provide an experience that is comfortable, fun and memorable. Some clients are laid back, others high energy. I try to match whatever vibe is most appropriate for that client. My hope is that the time we spend shooting will be effortless and natural for my clients. Read more>>

Daniel Mejia | 3D Digital Media Manager

The most important factor in our success is being persistence. Persistence has been key since gold is always a couple more miles down where you start. we have found ourselves in tough situations where demand is low and all of a sudden we get a big contract which was just around the corner. if we would’ve quit a week earlier we wouldn’t have had that contract. Read more>>

Dan Becker | CEO & Lead Design Engineer

Being in tune with our market via social media and always providing value to the customer is what made our brand so successful. On top of those fundamentals and just as important for brand success are good business ethics with business-to-business interaction, top notch customer service (this is more important now more than ever in the social media age), innovation in product development and quickly responding to changes to the market demand. Also, being that we are a 3D-printing company, this allowed us to pivot through the market quickly when we needed new products fast or when we needed to make changes to existing products as the market deemed necessary. We manufacture everything in-house with our own 3D printing technology, and do not heavily rely on third party suppliers for our production, this allowed us to grow quickly with little reliance on a long logistics chain that could stunt growth. Read more>>

Monica Theophilus | Blogger & Author

The most important factor behind my success/ the success of my brand Amomentwithmonica is my faith in Jesus. It is my faith that allows me to remain hopeful, determined and diligent as I put the required effort needed to maintain my business. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with owning a business and the days it gets overwhelming my faith reminds me I am not alone because Jesus is with me and He called me to do it so He will see me through it all. Read more>>