Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Sloan Tate | Spiritual Medium & Mentor

The first time I became conscious of Mediumship abilities, was the first time I stepped on a yoga mat. Pictures and movie like images moved around me as I sat there. At first, I had no idea this could be a business, because when I first began I thought I was literally going crazy. It took several months maybe a year, to completely let go of the fear of being locked up against my will. Thank god for the blessed Miami community. People are so accepting here. The first few years of business I leaned on the support from friends. I was scared at first, but I kept showing up to the demand of clients. I kept showing up to my truth, power, and worth. I’m a natural born medium, but after studying meditation, I dove in to learning about how to use these abilities. I traveled to learn about the value of Mediumship in different communities all around the world. Read more>>

Heidi Ronquillo | Owner, Priestess of the Goddess, Reiki Master, Cosmic Sex Coach, Cert. Yoga Teacher & Cert. Aromatherapist

I started a business because I wanted to do something I love, had passion for and the one thing I found that I could do for the rest of my life up until I take my last breathe is the work as a spiritual healer and teacher in my community and owning a business in spiritual healing and sacred sexuality was just the thing. Read more>>

Lina Chaparro | Co-founder

I’ve always known that I wanted to have my own business. It’s the idea of everyday being something new that made me drawn to it. Growing up seeing my parents build multiple small businesses was very inspiring. Wellness had always been part of my family. My mother began a spa in our community of Weston 20 years ago and would import beauty products from England. I never thought I’d also go down a similar path but, after trying a job at an office for a short time I knew it wasn’t for me. Reset Circle began from wanting to attend gatherings where we could experience relaxation. My partners and I each put in our bit of wellness wisdom and began to host events where our community could do just that. We started without any expectations and doing it for fun. Read more>>

Nick James | Businessman & T-Shirt Aficionado

I knew I wanted to start my own business after taking an Entrepreneur class my Senior year. It just fit with the lifestyle I had been living due to my athletic career. Since I was 16 I had been working on my athletic skills in similar fashion as a business is run. I had a clear cut goal, I had a timeline and milestones, and I had a schedule to adhere to. I kept this up until I retired from professional baseball at 25. I basically had almost a decade of “entrepreneurship” experience before I even realized it. Then when I was taking MBA classes at Florida Atlantic University I came across information on the yearly Business Plan competition they held. I decided to enter as a learning experience. I just needed to come up with a business idea! Read more>>

Hannah Medd | Marine Biologist

I had often said in the past, the world doesn’t need another nonprofit until I decided to start my own. I had heard the horror stories of all the organizations that failed despite being started and run by the most dedicated and passionate people. I was terrified, which is probably why it took me so long to make the American Shark Conservancy official (not to mention my fear of commitment in general). But I knew I had a way to help make our oceans healthier through studying sharks and I knew that teaching other people to think critically about environmental issues would really make an impact. In fact, it was all I could think about. I had worked for a large nonprofit for a few years where I never felt I had a voice, my ideas were largely ignored and my skill set as a scientist was downplayed. They were the most frustrating years of my life. Read more>>

Blaze Hunter | Recording Artist, Business Owner, Producer & Radio Host

My thought process behind starting this business was 2 words, Generational Wealth. I wanted to create something that would not only secure me and my family but secure whoever is involved. 9thWunder Music & Entertainment was created because the mainstream higher ups wouldn’t give us a platform… So I created the paltform! Read more>

Fabiola Trujillo | Sobe Tan by Fabiola

I wanted to do something different in beauty, back in 2000 there wasn’t anything going on about spray tanning, I had a personal necessity of being able to be tan but my skin was always very difficult to get a tan and I was just getting more freckles every year and then the first skin cancer arrived, actually was at my dermatologist office where I saw this magazine where they were describing how this woman got her first airbrush tanning, it was called like that because it was done with an airbrush gun, now we use powerful guns, the ones they paint cars with 🙂 I am an aesthetician graduated in Colombia, South America and loved everything about beauty, so I embarked into this new venture, had these people come over to my house, brought me a machine, some product, they airbrushed me and they were gone. That was the starting of this beautiful journey. Read more>>

Fabian Albertini | Visual Artist

My mental process, the driving force has been my freedom, to be able to express myself, to be myself, to be able to create, to live … to live for the reason of being born and not survive. Read more>>

Aleksandar Sasha Jovicic | Chief Executive Officer

I gotta be honest, I was about 7 or 8 years old and when I was bored with my comics, I would go down to the corner, put out a rug and my old, read comics and sell them for a few pennies. My father says I had the “business owner” mentality from a very young age. Ten years later or so, I was on my way to building an empire online. Read more>>

Attie, Megan, Olivia, Callie Crews, Keller, Bacardi, Crews | One Change Bracelets

Attie’s mom was diagnosed with melanoma five years ago. Since melanoma is one of the most serious types of skin cancer we decided we needed to educate people to help lower the incidence rates of this preventable cancer. We originally wanted to target teenagers and young adults to teach them how to protect their skin so we decided that a bracelet would be both fashionable and also a great reminder. We altered the shape of a bead that has UV detecting polymers that changes color when it detects ultra violet rays from the sun so that it would be a colorful reminder to put on sunscreen. We wanted to awareness and money and with one with One Change you can make a difference. Read more>>

Viktoriia Zamchevska | Fashion photographer

Actually I never thought it will be my business.It have always been fun for me.I have been taking pictures my all life.One of my friend is a fashion blogger and she asked me to take the picture of her.After she published her pictures on Instagram people start to ask her my contact.And this was the begging of my photography career. Read more>>