Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Isabella Gómez Girón | Actress & Dancer

Risk-taking leads to the strengthening of the self and one’s skills. Risk-taking opens doors leading you to opportunities that you might have thought imposible before. Yes it is scary, but many times its the only way for me to find out that I am capable of something, or that I do love someone, or a specific discipline, career etc. Read more>>

Denia Bent | The Photographer That Captures Your Legacy

As a young individual starting my own business, I was scared. I’m still scared when it comes to making decisions. Just recently when I went through changing the prices of my business I was afraid that I would not get any clients. However, through taking the leap and sharing to new and returning clients that my pricing model has changed, I realized that I have more power in my business then I use to allow. Read more>>

Anna Cain | South Florida Realtor and Content Creator

I was born in a very small town in Eastern Europe. The kind of town where everyone knows each other ha-ha. Although I loved the comfort of seeing familiar faces everywhere I’ve always had an itch wondering what else was beyond my small town. Read more>>

Joshua Conlan | CEO & Co-Founder of D&J Events

Without risks, or more to the point, without taking risks, it is almost impossible to achieve in life. By achieve I don’t necessarily mean in your career, taking risks extends to achieving in all levels of life. In love, friendships, family, career etc. Taking risks is essential to reaching that next level. We’ve all heard the sayings “think outside the box” and “take the leap”. Read more>>

Rachael Avara | Principal Designer + Owner of ROAM Events

The biggest rewards in life do not come without taking risks. In 2019, I left a prominent role as Lead Event Producer for a luxury creative firm in my hometown of Baltimore, MD to pursue a role as a Stewardess working onboard super yachts. Read more>>

Cristina Pelaez | Emotional Health Coach

Risk taking has played a huge role in all areas of my life, but not until the last couple of years where I have been much more in tune with myself and my emotions. The risks that I’ve taken in my career are exactly what have allowed me to create a fulfilling life for myself, and the risks that I’ve taken in love are what have allowed me to expand so much as a person. Read more>> 

Nicole Plunkett | Cannabis Marketing Professional & MBA Candidate at Chicago Booth

I believe that stepping outside of your comfort zone & taking calculated risks is vital to personal growth. As a Master of Business Administration candidate currently studying at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, I knew I had to push myself & level up my quant ability in order to take the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) standardized test: an admissions requirement to the vast majority of business schools. Read more>>

Ricardo Rodrigues | Product Designer & Architect

Over the years, I have learned how important it is to take risks in life. Sometimes I did that in my personal life, but I cannot say how many times in my career. There is no failure in taking risks; you can succeed, or you can learn lessons. Both outcomes are valuable. Read more>>

Mishana Malahoo | Customer Service Trainer

For me risk taking can have a good or bad outcome. When I decided to leave my physical 9-5 job and work from home full time, I was still on the negative side of thinking that if this doesn’t work out then what’s next? Do I go back to working in an office? Eventually, I braved up and put that negativity on the back burner and ran with the opportunity to work from home. Read more>>

Elisabeth Ayres Cedar Cloyd | Music Producers & DJs

Risk is an interesting word to describe Cedar and my (Elisabeth) journey. When we quit our comfortable, well-paying jobs three years ago to pursue our joint passion for music, we had no idea if we would be successful. But what we did have was faith in ourselves. Read more>>

Pitt Lyrical | Singer Songwriter and Female Rap Artist

What I think about Risk Risk to me is to sacrifice things for an amazing outcome.Risk has played a major role in my career as far as at the beginning to earn money I would attend competition show cases to win cash, the only thing with that most of those show cases you have to pay a registration fee and depending on the prize that fee can vary. Luckily I’ve always came in 1st place but definitely was a risk at first not knowing because that registration fee is not refundable lol. Read more>>

Bobbie Weiner | Special Effects Makeup Artist for Film and TV

The bigger the risk, the bigger the rewards. I always bet on me. I think I can “DO IT” and just go forward and believe in myself. I look ahead. Not to the left or right. Just one direction. Alot of people in my life thought I was nuts to go to makeup school 25 years ago. I needed a new life and some one suggested I go to makeup school. Read more>>