Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Rakhi Roy | Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist & Actress

Authenticity. Showing up unapologetically as yourself and authentically sharing your story is powerful. I knew I didn’t want be just another wellness professional doling out information online without heart. I share the same struggles as my audience and I think that’s what connects us. I’m someone who has been in their shoes and I get it. People just want to be seen and heard. Don’t change yourself to be liked by others, be yourself and the right people will find you. Read more>>

Alex Workman | Photographer & Storyteller

Photography is more than just taking photos of people. It’s not only my job to capture a photo, but to take the time I have with a person to really get to know them and make them feel valuable and beautiful. I have lived in Tallahassee from 7 1/2 years and I realized that there are so many people I know of, but don’t truly know. So I decided to set a goal to have coffee with 100 different people throughout 2021. I put up a public calendar and asked people on social media to sign up, having no idea who would take me up on my project. Read more>>

Denise Crowe | Co-Owner and Senior Teacher at Crowe Barre

Inclusivity is the most important factor in every aspect of our business and brand. We want everything from our studio, our team, and our classes themselves to be welcoming and accessible to all. Barre classes are very challenging which can be intimidating to some. We make sure to connect with every student before class to welcome into our studio, to give them a tour of the space, and to discover what they need from our classes. Read more>>

Adam Meshberg | Principal of Meshberg Group

Consistency and Experience! A blend of quality, consistency, and experience! Consistency in design and execution has been key to Meshberg Group’s success. We give the same level of design and effort and love to a project regardless of size or budget. We treat all our clients the same way as if we have partnered with them for years. Read more>>

Anders G. | Marketing Specialist

The most important factor behind the success of the Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit is its unique installations combined with outstanding guest relations. Two of its most popular installations are the Diamond Palace and Kaleidoscope. The Diamond Palace was produced by a 30 person team over 2 years. The Kaleidoscope’s durable touch LED technology was designed and developed by their team of engineers for over one year and is one of the first of its kind in the world. Read more>>

Isabel Gonzalez | Photographer & Visual Artist

The most important factor behind my success is being very authentic and unapologetically me. All while being professional, of course. I started to take photography seriously in 2016, and the first thing I did was make an Instagram and website for my work to be displayed for future clients, friends, and family. I started to doubt my work and compare myself to others and it made me start to draw away from my craft because it messed with my confidence a lot. Read more>>

Oskar Torres-Lam | Design Director & Founder.

After working in the interior design industry for 21 years I decided to pursue my second passion: antique textiles. After countless years of travels and collecting I founded the Antique Textiles Galleries Home Collection. We are the source for interior designers, architects and collectors. The Antique Textiles Galleries Home Collection carries vintage and antique textiles, including home furnishing. All available through the number one platform in the world where people search “For the most beautiful things on earth” which is Read more>>

Melissa Faith Ramirez | Medicine Woman, Spiritual Coach

Doing the inner work of spiritual enlightenment and evolutionary development – unconscious pattern recognition, trauma healing, mindset shifting, awakening and BEing on purpose. Read more>>

Tori Angeline | Artist

I’m constantly striving to take one step further with my progress each day even though I haven’t reached the pinnacle of success at this point. I think the notion of success is always relative and as an artist, If I’m making strides in the art industry, then that is continual success. The most important factor of my success so far has been determination and resilience and the ability to accept rejections while improving my craft. Persistence and networking have also been a huge factor with my success. Most of my marketing efforts have been to help increase exposure and bolster my artwork. If I had given up with first thousand times my work was ignored or told my art “Didn’t fit”, I would have missed out on some great opportunities that have come along the way. Read more>>

Morgan-Lea Fogg | Co-Founder

The most important factor behind my personal success and the success of Nautical Farms is not being afraid to try and learn something new and adjust as necessary to do what feels good or more aligned. Things very often don’t work out the way we would hope, and being able to quickly adapt and then respond I think is an amazing skill to practice. And it comes in handy in almost part of life! Read more>>

Veronie | Confident influencer | Business strategist

I would say discipline & being organized. I love to plan and planning is one of my greatest skills… and of course, confidence that in my opinion goes hand in hand with a positive mind & thinking. I can confidently 🙂 say I have influenced a lot of both close and random people with my positive thinking throughout my life. So being positive and believing in yourself + planning is the key to success for me. Read more>>

Ashley Rose | Eco/ Feng Shui Interior Designer. Crypto Certified Agent, Global Real Estate Advisor ONE Sotheby’s , Reiki Master, Culinary Alchemist, Sound Alchemist

I am all of these and I am none of these. These titles don’t define who I am but they are part of my calling upon this earth. I am here to help you find, sell, and design your sacred space from a place of consciousness, connection, alignment, and deep knowing ✨🌹 I am dedicated to creating harmonious Eco sacred spaces with a touch of earth, reiki, roses, & feng shui elements and properties ✨ Read more>>

GREGOIRE DEVIN | French Artist

The most important factor for me is to believe in it and never give up. I keep in mind every day that I will succeed and that I must succeed. Even if it’s hard and work doesn’t pay off every time, you have to persist and always do more. Read more>>

Ali Gilbert | Men’s Health Specialist/ Golf Fitness Professional

I think being able to show up unapologetically as myself, and let those who resonate with my personality and message find their way to me. If someone doesn’t like what I am about, and doesn’t like me, I am cool with that, and they are free to unsubscribe 🙂 Read more>>

Gina, Crystal & Nicole | The Mom Link Co-Founders

The success of The Mom Link really came out of the need for momprenuers and women in business to feel a sense of connectedness to a community of like-minded women that understand the concept of collaboration over competition when it comes to business. As the founders, we understood the unique wins as well as struggles of a working mother, a mother who is running her own business, and the need to share these experiences in a safe space with other women who get it. Read more>>