Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Lisa Morales | Owner & Editor-in-Chief

Trust your instincts is probably the most important factor behind my success. When it comes to marketing and public relations, I think that it’s easy to get lost in theory and analytics. Yes, we definitely can’t market a business effectively without data. However, I like to tap into a client’s vibe and use my skills to communicate their passion. People want personal connections and concepts that they relate to. That’s what resonates and builds customer loyalty. When I write for publications, I apply this same concept. A writer has the power to help make the world a little smaller by seeking out stories that are relatable and filled with passion. Read more>>

Angelique Rewers | Small Business Mentor

When you first start a business, in many ways, ignorance is bliss. Because if you knew everything involved, you probably wouldn’t do it! But one thing I discovered early on is the importance of consistency, with everything. Consistency of action. Consistently doing the basic “blocking and tackling” of running a business. Consistently filling your pipeline. Consistently delivering value to your clients. Consistently staying in alignment with your brand promises, core values and mission as a company. If you’re not consistent in how you show up every day, both as the leader of your business, as well as your company and a whole, cracks begin to form. And those cracks weaken your foundation as a business. They weaken your brand. They weaken your reputation. And they weaken your results. Read more>>

Marcus Fowler | Founder & CEO

My Most important factor is my ability to live in a world of creativity. There I’m free to be me. Free to design, Free to fulfill, Free to dream, Free to accomplish, Free to explore. Free to be custom and always seeking to be Original. I work in a cooperate atmosphere with 100’s of professional people. I’ve embraced their work ethics and built the foundation of my business based of cooperate core values. I’ve learned too be the only one who can do what I do the best. As I continued to grow, I embraced the fact that I am not in competition with anyone. My success is self driven, determining to rise to the occasion of what I don’t know, and Master the art of what I do know. Life comes with many challenges which means, that in business, you are subject to face the same oppositions. Read more>>

Stephan Burke | Real Estate Lifestyles

Success factors : When you start a process, a transaction, Let go of the outcome. Don’t think of the successful ending.Instead focus on today, not tomorrow, one day at a time until you get to the last day,the day of closing/ending/success. Seek out a blind faith. Find a form or sense of spirituality. Connect inside in silence.Find your inner peace and enjoy it daily.Go within/inside your mind, Seek within, 5-10-15 minutes a day.Make it a daily routine and you will see results with this in all area’s of your life. To be successful, you need discipline.Find a successful formula to work hard and get results. Your strategy should be the same every week but differ as the week starts and ends.Discipline and hard work will get successful results. The success of our brand is simple. Read more>>

Jeanette Brown | Hostess with the Mostest

The undercurrent to every stage I step on is loving people. As a spoken word artist and show host, I am in front of real people in real time. And I want what I do to mean something. People are important, and I want to leave a legacy of uplift in my wake. Every person that I interact with has their own baggage they bring to the table. We are all broken. I try to speak light to that brokenness. I try to speak value into each individual. I try to build bridges where there are fences and dialogue where there is dissent. I think my stages are successful because I truly try to care about the community. Those venues become living rooms. The stages become a place where artists bare their souls. Respect is given no matter who we are or where we stand. Read more>>

Henry Angulo | Electricbike Store Manager

We consider a core value in this industry is to be a passion cycling oriented person , this is a daily drive for the past 8 years , the success of ELECTRIBIKE as brand remain intact because the selection of what kind of ebikes / bicycles we sell goes into a filter before they touch our showrooms, in this way our clientele will know that buying an ebike at ELECTRIBIKE is the way to go. Read more>>

Christine Alvarez | General Contractor

Being relatable and transparent. I believe that this is the most important factor in relationships with both my clients and my staff. When I can’t figure something out, I tell them exactly that… but I give them the confidence that together we will figure it out and find the best solution. I don’t pretend to know it all or be able to do it all. Personal connections are extremely important, and being transparent is the best starting point. Read more>>

Paul McDermott | Fine Art Travel Photographer

The most important factor behind my success has always been passion and operating from my heart. There have been times in my life that I’ve been discouraged – both by myself and others – but when I really tap into my purpose it’s proven time and time again that I truly love what I do. The tricky thing has been to understand what genre of photography has been my favorite. It’s only within the past couple years that I’ve realized I am most passionate about my travel photography and fully embracing the visual expression of observing life. It’s almost as if I’ve been eating ice cream my whole life. It’s been delicious but I only know, now, that my favorite ice cream is cherry garcia when I’ve been mainly eating vanilla. Success is also a relative concept and people normally have an idea of a milestone which identifies success. Read more>>

Nahuel Hilal | Creator & Co founder

Consistency. Our strongest asset is consistency, We follow the process each step of the way, every time, to ensure the experience we worked so hard to create and display meets the promised standard and is enjoyed for every person that comes thru our door, no exception, we keep our agreements, we never let a good mistake go to waste, we always use them to learn and to keep moving forward despite the setbacks. Our biggest achievement thanks to consistency is that what you experience from afar on our social media or what you read about us in all the amazing reviews we have online is finally met with the same level of quality once you decide to come to us for your body art. Read more>>

Nichola DePass | Interior Designer & Fashion Designer

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is to acknowledge and remember that I didn’t arrive to this point alone. You are only as successful as the team of people you surround yourself with. The culture that I have cultivated is one of empowerment and positivity. As an Interior Designer in the construction world, the industry is very face paced, stressful due to many moving parts and time constraints. Empowering those around me and keeping a positive and progressive thought process helps exponentially to counteract the challenges. Read more>>

Julio Sanoja | Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist

Education (learning) is the most important factor behind the success of our brand. Our team is in a continuous and permanent learning process, through studying, reading and taking courses online. Then, our team use that knowledge to educate our prospects and customers, and also to teach our customer how to educate their audiences as well. Read more>>