Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Marco Santini | Artist, Inventor, & Mentor

For many years, I worked in marketing and branding, helping other companies create digital strategies and in-store rollouts. I loved the creativity behind this, but I didn’t always believe in the brands I was helping. I’d always considered myself as an artist, but didn’t know how to make a living selling my creative services. It wasn’t until I fully committed myself to the arts in 2018 that I was able to see the full potential of my talents. This was when I found my life’s purpose to spread love and positivity through art and education. Read more>>

Jenny Chih-Chieh Teng | Founder of Mellow Sheng

Mellow Sheng is a gastronomy and culture platform based on the concept of “living culture”. The seed was sown in my head many years ago. I was always passionate about processes such as fermentation and other ways of preserving food. And as a Taiwanese girl who’s been living overseas most of her life, I often longed for some authentic representation of my culture. Read more>>

Kayla Flores | Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist and Salon Owner

Ever since I was a little girl I was always starting businesses. The first one I remember was going to the dollar store, buying dog and cat bowls and with sharpies customizing them for my clients and when I say clients I mean my parents and grandparents. I must say they had the best animal bowls in the neighborhood (until the sharpie wore off that is). Read more>>

Andrea Vega | Food & Product Photography

Mainly it was seeing myself with the ability to create my own life, nurturing myself from all the experiences, going through fear and trusting in my abilities and skills as a person and as a photographer, I have always wanted to help others with their own businesses through audiovisual so that they can show and communicate the essence of your brands Read more>>

Makayla Clanton | Chief Sub Artist, Co-owner of L-Dub Subs

When the world shut down in March 2019 my husband and I gathered with our neighbors for dinners in one another’s backyards for dinners and mental health checks. We regularly ordered food from local restaurants. As time went on we realized that Lake Worth Beach, an eclectic beach town, was missing a Sandwich Shop. Initially we joked with our neighbors about the type of sandwiches we would offer if we were to open a Sandwich Shop, but after a few months of silly talk, we decided that we were going to make this idea really happen. Read more>>

Jenna Mead | Bakery Owner & Hospitality Professional

I decided to start my baking business ultimately because I have always wanted to have my own business. I’ve been inspired by many great young entrepreneurs and envied how they took an idea and turned it into a business. With this below the surface burning, I ran into a need at my job. As a hotel manager, I needed to have something warm and welcoming for our guests when they arrived to check-in. I was already known for being a good baker so in a brief discussion with my boss, we decided I would provide cookies and be paid for them. It was not until every surface in my kitchen was covered in cookies that I realized I had a business. Read more>>

Josefine & Fredye Mendez | Co-Founders

Our business, “Derme Home,” is our version of a “pandemic baby.” The idea of clean bedding for clear skin came about in the middle of COVID-19 when stress levels were increasing, and daily masks were worn. Many people, as well as ourselves, experienced “maskne” as a result. So we wanted to create a fabric that helps the skin recover throughout the night and eliminates any bacteria buildup that could cause acne or breakouts on the skin. Derme Home became the solution for that, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria-caused acne, breakouts, pimples, etc. Read more>>

Phillip Jenkins | CEO/Marine Corps Veteran

My thought process behind starting my own business really came from not being allowed to go into the USO in an airport back in 2015. I thought to myself it was so bizarre that here I was a disabled veteran honorably discharged and still not being able to frequent this establishment so I made a promise to myself to build a company where veterans are never over looked, I have always been rooted in music and entertainment and really thought that would be a great way to build a brand that welcomes all veterans and where veterans will always have a place to come and be creatively themselves. Read more>>

DJ Bombshell | Corporate DJ / Entrepreneur / Advocate

I was an enterprising child. I always found odd ways to make money. It has always been in my plans to own a business; deejaying organically formed into a business before starting as a fun hobby. I began to build a business model once my popularity blossomed. In 2020- I fully trusted my career choice and went full time as a LLC.. The following year, in 2021- received an offer to grandfather “Magic Connection Inc “ a DJ/Entertainment company. It was a no brainer- expand and elevate business model. Read more>>

Natalie Battles | Actress, director, producer, filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer, host and community leader

To create a production company and events company for us, by us, funded by us. Since the beginning of Hollywood melanated people were missing or extremely underrepresented and when we were represented it was not in a flattering light. The other part for the ones that were there the history was not documented or shared. Mainstream media has been a tool used to control and brainwash for far too long. Read more>>

Cesar Costa | Business Owner and Author

The hardest part to start my own business was getting enough customers at the very beginning in order to cover costs and become profitable. At the beginning of a business, there is a lot of investment, but revenues are not there yet. Customers still don’t know your capabilities and are not familiar with you and your brand. It took an enormous amount of effort in the first two years to build a customer base and build a reputation. Read more>>

Angela Anderson | Makeup Artist & Life & Beauty Influencer

My thought Process behind starting my own business was actually pretty simple. I Love the fact that I can choose where I spend my hard earned money. Customer service really means a lot to me I feel like anyone that is getting my money that I worked for should be friendly compassionate understanding listen to me and try to help me. I’ve played a role in many different companies And I always felt like I always played the largest role . Read more>>

Jen Sharbani | Creator

When my two girls were little, I was working for a European Luxury fashion house. At one point, I desperately needed a break from the pump and grind of the fashion industry to focus on their growing needs and my role as their mom. At the time, I really saw a gaping hole within the modest women’s fashion market. I spent a lot of time at the tailor building up my existing designer wardrobe, making it more covered to my liking, and mourning over the cute prints and styles I couldn’t wear because they’re too revealing. Read more>>

J-Kad Heavyweightkamp | Recording artist

To me starting my journey was all about doing what I love to do. Following my dreams and my passion are an essential key to happiness. I feel like we have to prioritize chasing our dreams and passions if we’re in a position to do so, whether your dreams and passions are a hobby or something you wanna make money out of, if it makes you happy you should go for it. Read more>>

Joaquin Rosales Aramburu | Managing and senior attorney

1. Not working for someone else 2. Being able to formulate my own operating standard procedures for the firm with the support of all the readily available technological tools and platforms that allow for a much easier, cheaper, and overall better service for my clients. Something old school firms are hesitant to do and implement 3. Time freedom for myself and my team. Not be constricted to the old mantra of work 9-5. Instead work smarter so you do not have to work harder. Read more>>

Christine Harmon | Intuitive Movement Specialist, Body Acumen

I worked in corporate America for many years, and I loved it. I was at a tech company during the internet boom, and it was so exciting! There were many opportunities for advancement, and I quickly rose the ranks while working beside some truly exceptional men and women. Everyone I worked with was young, interesting, smart, and driven. It was wonderful to be in their company, working, sharing with, and learning from them. Read more>>