Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Millie Harris | Bridal Boutique Owner

As an art major my ambition was to make my passion a career. I chose fashion as my creative outlook and especially bridal because it gave me the opportunity to help women become the most beautiful version of themselves. I figured if I opened my own bridal boutique, day in and day out I could express my love for art and create beautiful fashion looks while also making a living. Being the owner of a couture boutique you truly get to experience all aspects of the bridal world. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the expression on a bride’s face when she falls in love with a dress she can envision getting married in. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Read more>>

Johanna Cruz Victoria Litman | Co-Founders

We started to start our own business because we wanted financial and work stability. We just had come out of a unknown year where we both were put in lows and highs as a young adult and we knew we never wanted to be dependent on an establishment for a check that wasn’t our own. We live in one of the top 5 party cities in the the United States and we saw an opportunity to welcome females and males to our city for their last single weekend. We noticed that not many companies were offering our idea and we knew it was a market that would not fail as there is always someone getting married. Read more>>

Tiana Anglin | Visual Artist and Owner of Earthenware by Tiana Anglin

As a homebody, I love my living space, and I’ve always enjoyed eccentric pieces that make my space feel more special. I started ceramics as a hobby in 2019, so that I could learn to design and create kitchenware pieces for my own use. These pieces quickly became something that I wanted to share with others. Read more>>

Kali Chela Gonzalez | Fashion designer & Seamstress

Sewing is something I have enjoyed from an early age. My mom was a teen mom so I grew up around her mother, who I called Mema. She and I would spend time going to thrift stores, or fabric shopping for projects she would often have to work on. A lot of what she sewed was because it gave her joy, like an extra hobby. Growing up I never thought of being a fashion designer for a career choice. I don’t think I realized you can do something you love, and still get paid for it until later on in life. Read more>>

Tania Dance | Nail Enthusiast

My mom. I grew up watching her have her own business and start a company. She was the pure force behind me starting my business. I have always had a passion for nails and my mom helped with that obsession. I would paint any nails around including my dolls when I was younger. I always knew I would do nails in some form or fashion. If I never started I knew I would never be happy. Read more>>

Nichole Lefort | Creative Director & President

I have always been involved in Sales, Marketing and Events as a corporate employee. Learning all the nuances of a job and bringing in new ideas has always been very satisfying part of the job. With some jobs, you have more leeway and trust than other jobs. Previous to starting my own business, I worked for a very large company that had a huge number of events annually. As their Event Manager, I was tasked with being inventive and breathing new life into projects. Read more>>

Dioscelam Letizia | Photographer

I’ve always loved taking photos from a very young age! When my children were born I was one of those moms that wanted to make sure I captured every single moment and memory. Time passes by in the blink of an eye and they grow way too fast – I wanted a way of being able to look back on every detail. It wasn’t until I received my first real camera that I decided I could capture those special moments for others. That’s when my passion for photography began. So what basically started as just a hobby for myself, spiraled into learning all the things and practicing to hone my skills so that I could provide the best service to others. Read more>>

Larry DJkatdaddy Marshall | The Place Where The Underground Lives

When I started this internet radio business back in 2012 my main goal was to provide a place for underground artists to showcase their talent without getting taxed so much meaning (spending a lot of cash). I had been around the music business for over 10 years ahead of me starting my business. I did many things from managing to promotion. However, one thing I have always seen was in this game it’s three things everyone loves someone new, it’s a big popularity contest and last but not least money talks. I wanted to eliminate these things. After all, I always had artists contacting me asking for help or a push because I have always been around the music scene. Read more>>

Alex Pastran | Carpenter/Wood Artisan

“I really hope this works out,” but in all honesty, it started as a hobby that developed into a business. I started with cutting boards, some small pieces of furniture and have been able to work my way up to bigger projects. Like custom barn doors and even camper van build-outs these days. So in the beginning it was a simple wish to turn something I’m passionate about into a business and I’m happy to say it has worked out for the best. Read more>>