Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Erin Oberlander | Certified Holistic Aromatherapist and owner and founder of Arcadia Holistic School and Prairie Soap House & Apothecary

My business started from a process of becoming aware of the bodily and environmental impact of body care products. At the time, I was having some of my own health issues which were mysterious. One day I tried to read the back of my shampoo bottle and found most of the ingredients to be unpronounceable chemicals. Upon researching these ingredients, I learned that many of them were known endocrine disruptors as well as carcinogens. Read more>>

Dr. Dax | Arttist/Entrepeneur

starting mey own business always seemed to be natural, even at young age, working for someone else never felt right. Itsas an instinct I’ve alas had to be independent and not depend so much on others. Read more>>

Matko Pecotic | Entrepreneur, cinematographer and digital expert

I can´t say it was a thought proces. It came more intuitively. I always wanted to have my own business and I didn´t really know what to do. I heard about a guy making money by reselling plastic bags. It ended up combining my hobby with work. Back in 2007. I started doing mobile phone reviews on my newly formed website and a friend of mine just told me: “You should do video reviews. Video is going to be huge in the next few years”. Read more>>

Scott Angelo | Coffee Roaster/Owner – Oceana Coffee

Oceana Coffee grew organically from a $35 Ebay purchase and a passion for a great cup of coffee. To be honest there was not a lot of thought process or even a belief that it could be what it is today. When we realized that this could be something bigger than roasting coffee for ourselves, we started to look at the future. What would we want as a customer in the world of coffee ?
So the thought process eventually was that we wanted to introduce the public to great coffee, one cup at a time, something memorable, something that they would go to bed thinking of , excited to try when the woke the next day. We wanted to educate as many as we could about great coffee, specialty coffee, small batch craft roasted coffee ! Read more>>

Rosemary Ravinal | Executive Communications and Public Speaking Consultant and Coach

Elite executives are often the most resistant to improving the way they communicate. Public speaking remains a lagging skill for many, and I have created methods to break the impasse and help them shine at the podium, or the screen. After many decades as a successful communications leader and bilingual spokesperson at major companies, I left the corporate world to follow my love for public speaking and executive coaching. I believe that powerful public speaking is transformative for the speaker as well as the audience. My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing an executive advance to a higher level of confidence and authority–and that I have had a role in that improvement. Read more>>

Tiffany Watkins | Founder-Vanguard Media Online| 32 years in cannabis

It was my intention with my business to help give Women a voice. I wanted there to be a place where we could talk candidly about our experiences as Women in cannabis – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I didn’t want fear of censorship and retaliation to be a factor. I could not find a platform like that, so I created one. Read more>>

Diego Ng | Hospitality Consultant, Restaurateur, Chef & Soon to be Father

My thought process behind starting my business came from an early age. My family owned businesses ever since I was born and I always strived to start one myself. The idea of owning a business has always been to create a product or service that benefits our community. I chose to focus on Hospitality Management and ultimately into the food service as I found that I really like bringing a smile to our guests by feeding them delicious food! Read more>>

Zavier Russell | Digital marketer

My thought process behind starting my business , was that I wanted to help women start there own business at a low cost. I know how expensive it can be to start up a business. So why not provide a helpful service to do so at a low cost with exceptional work. Read more>>

Jasmine Hill-Carter | Jewelry Designer and Brand Specialist

When I was younger, my mom always wore jewelry. She use to pay a lot of money for her jewelry and I also grew up in a culture where people know where you were from based on your jewelry. As I got older, I started wearing all types of jewelry to match with my outfits. Juicy Couture was popular during the time I was 13 & my parents would always buy me Juicy Couture since I always loss my expensive jewelry. Read more>>

Paul Robertson | Drums and Rums Evangelist and Podcast Host

I had been sitting on the podcast name for awhile and clicked when on a trip to Nashville for a drum clinic back in December 2019 with Rascal Flatts’ drummer Jim Riley. While immersing myself in drums during the day at his drum dojo, it struck me that here’s a professional musician for the largest country band who’s doing clinics, writing books, etc. Keeping many irons in the fire and being diverse. During that weekend it also struck me seeing these musicians in the bars in Broadway hustle from gig to gig. Seeing this motivated me when I got back to take this podcast idea and make it happen. Read more>>

Andreina Gallardo | CEO Le Petit Gateau Miami

Growing up around entrepreneurs and getting my Bachelors in a highly entrepreneurial school, there comes a moment when that influence & surrounding pushes you to reflect upon your own skills and passions, usually somewhere in the middle you can find a good business idea. Read more>>

Lucia & Tania | Co-Founders of The Sourced Studio

The process behind starting our own business was years in the making. We met while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and instantly clicked, maybe it was our love for fashion or our undeniable work ethic. While loving the opportunities we’ve had in our careers we still had a desire to create something of our own. Our thought was simple. Provide a curation of specially designed and sourced pieces. The Sourced Studio currently offers belts, necklaces, bracelets and more. Read more>>

Manuela Proano | Fashion Consultant and Personal Branding Expert/Coach

Ever since I was a kid I have always been an entrepreneur. I always knew I wanted to be a CEO and have my own business. And this one actually came to be by combining my passions and the situations I was living through in my life. After having worked in a fashion magazine as a creative director, lead stylist and producer, and then being pulled by McCann Erickson as an executive, it became increasingly clear to me that I wanted to use my knowledge and skills to help other business women and entrepreneurs create highly profitable businesses out of their passions and leave the corporate world. Read more>>

Frances Baker | Better know as Paris owner of Paris Peace Beauty

My thought process of starting my own business was one I wanted freedom of worrying about not being able to spend time with my kids when I wanted to. Also, I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression and I know how I feel once my skin is looking nice and my makeup on point. So I wanted to help make others feel good and look good. Weather it was a good or bad time but n their lives Read more>>

MattyDMusic | Guitarist & Entertainer

Originally I was doing it because I had lost my job and the only skill I really had at the time was playing the guitar. A skill which is hard to monetize if you are not in a big production band. When I discovered the loop pedal as a performance device, I realized I was able to function as a mobile form of entertainment and an energy starter for public and private events. Also I no longer needed to rely on other musicians (singers/drummers/bassist etc) to earn money. Read more>>

Marcos Moran | Owner of Gator Bait Wakeboard & Wakesurf School of Miami LLC

I wanted to be able to do something that I love. Something that made me happy. Something that I wanted to jump out of bed for every morning. At first I wasn’t even worried about the money. I knew that if I worked hard and enjoyed what I was doing that the money would come. Read more>>

Dr. Sharon Arrindell | CEO of Inspired Wholeness Enterprise; as Author, Speaker, Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Coach and Professor

The thought process is always family based behind Inspired Wholeness Enterprise. The business started as Inspired Wholeness Ministries some years ago, however, as a result of COVID19 I gave up my job as a school counselor of 11 years, and jumped full fledged into building the business. It has been a challenge, but as a result of support from my husband, family, and team I am intentional about it becoming a legacy for my children and grandchildren. Read more>>

Patrick Anthony Senior | Serial Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Back in high school between the years of 2001 and especially as I neared graduation closer to 2005(wherein the thought itself of needing to decide what to do with my life &/or what college university I may have wanted to attend was at the forefront of focus & discussion), I thought to myself, “I want to prove to my parents & everyone else, that I didn’t need a piece of paper(a bachelors/masters degree) to be successful in career & life.” Read more>>

Melissa Alarcon | Owner of Tabla Mia

Opening my own business was always a farfetched dream. I never knew what I was capable of achieving as an entrepreneur. I always thought I had to climb the career ladder. However, times have changed and, in my opinion, the regular 9-5 isn’t the kind of job that fulfills you anymore. My goal (like everyone) is to be successful, be happy with my job, and most of all, show my daughter that hard work and dedication do pay off. With this said, the thought process behind opening my own business is to eventually have a career change and run my business full time. Read more>>

Luiz Felipe Ferreira | Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Starting off your own business can seem pretty daunting and scary at first, but it’s all about having that plan all mapped out and just go for it! If it’s something that you’re truly passionate about, and have gotten to that deep level where you can teach it to others, the. Just throw yourself out there and simply start. Don’t wait for the “perfect time” because that is never a good excuse, it’s just keeping you from achieving more! Read more>>

Avi Bagley | Physical Therapist

I was frustrated with the way the physical therapy profession was progressing and the model is currently had. I wanted to make and be a change for the profession and for medicine as a whole, focusing solely on one-one patient centered healing focused care. I wanted in short, to practice the way I was taught and the way I felt most passionate about without running into the hurdles of traditional factory style clinics. In short I got into my profession to help people and I wanted to work with that goal always in mind. Read more>>

Darrell Edwards | Firearms Instructor

Creating Generational Wealth and a legacy for my kids and every generation after me can carry on. You don’t see that much in the Black Community Read more>>