We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below

Angelle M. Barrett | Author, Poet and Creative Writer.

I want to leave the legacy of someone who is kindhearted, loving, giving, patient, and gracious. I want my legacy to be TheBlackGoddesss, when people see this name, they’ll know who I am and feel the impact just from my name. I want to be remembered for the impact that I’ve made on this world once I’m gone. Yes, I am currently a creative writer, but I do want to own my own non-profits and give back to impoverished communities. I know how it feels to come from poverty, so if I can help others out in the ways that I needed help, then that is the legacy that I want to leave behind. Read more>>

Don and Chaz Major | Inspirational Rap Artists

We would like people to always remember that we are young aspiring positive young men who enjoy uplifting and inspiring people and especially our peers. We want our music to impact people and we always set positive standards. Read more>>

Sammie Denham | Dancer. Choreographer. Director. Instructor.

If there’s one thing I want people to remember about me by – it’s that I inspired them. Whether it be because I’ve set the example for younger dancers that a career in the arts is achievable. Or that one of my performances inspires and sparks passion in the audience watching. Or one of my favorite moments – inspiring students through my teaching, in both classroom and professional settings, and witnessing the moment where the that fire comes alive in them and they go from student to artist. I pursued my career because of those who inspired me, and I hope throughout my journey in this industry to be that person for others. Read more>>

Jachill Puesan | Esthetician

Like the saying goes “ I aspire to inspire before I expire” . Im a single mother, and I want people to look at me and say if she did it so can I . I took a leap of faith a few months ago and opened up my own suite. First things are crazy and you have to put in the work but later on you will reap what you sowed. Regardless of your circumstances keep pushing, things will get easier with time. I want to be able to pass down a legacy to my daughter. I want people to remember me as the person that I’am , kind , loving , generous and remember the great services I’ve provide. The service I provide is healing and therapeutic. I want women and men to do more self love and self care. From waxing facials nails massage etc your body is your temple. Read more>>