There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Ashley Carter | Registered Dietitian & Cofounder of EatWell Exchange

Creating routines and systematic approaches to tasks is a great habit that I have. Some lower-level tasks should not take a lot of time or energy. I develop systems so that I can get the quick tasks done expeditiously, and take time on things that require more time and attention. This also helps me promote creativity and better ideas because I am not using a lot of brainpower towards things that do not require it. Read more>>

Danielle Mills | Mindset &Career Coach, Retired Professional Tennis Player

There are a couple key habits that I truly believe have been a huge factor in my success. 1. Never Being Late – Being early to all meetings, events, interviews, and flights has really impacted me. When I was a professional tennis player there was so much riding on being on time, and that pressure and expectation was so engrained in me. Now in business by being early I get opportunities that others don’t get. Typically when you are running late you are stressed out and it doesn’t allow you to be your best. First impressions are so important and if you are early and ready to go before others arrive that can be such a difference maker between getting the contract, or landing the job. 2. Practicing Daily Gratitude – As a mindset coach people often ask me what is something they can do that will truly improve their mindset. By Practicing daily gratitude it not only makes you feel amazing, but it really makes you look at everything from a different perspective. Read more>>

Tatyana Penn | Writer & Poet

The best habit I’ve picked up is movement. Meaning that I keep moving, regardless of the weapons formed against me. Learning that my words are my poetry, and in all things I am art, guided me into showing more of my true purpose. I stopped allowing the world to dictate my importance & let God make my next move. Read more>>

Betsy Castro | Entrepreneur, Founder of Hello Betsyann & The Mental Health Virtual Agency

When you’re an entrepreneur, healthy and positive habits are a MUST in order to succeed in business. I have so many different habits that play a role in the success of my business. But the one that has helped me the most is doing my weekly reviews. Every Sunday night, I sit down with my planner, I look through the pages and take a look at how my past week went, and the first thing I look at is everything that went extremely GOOD for me, any positive wins, goals, or things I got done during the week that just ended. Entrepreneurs tend to be overachievers, and when we don’t complete a task we wanted to complete before Sunday night, we tend we beat ourselves, we feel guilty, ashamed, and sometimes even angry that we could not achieve more. Which makes us feel defeated and “not cut out” to be an entrepreneur. Read more>>

Jennifer Berthiaume | Vice President

I have always been driven, determined and dedicated in all that I do. This goes all the way back to my high school days when I auditioned for the competitive dance team with no dance experience during my Freshmen Year. After giving it my all through 20-30 hours per week of practice, I was honored as Captain my senior year and earned a National Title and a college scholarship. After working 2 jobs through college, I was promoted to the Advertising Manager of the student newspaper and thanks to my PR internship at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, I fell in love with the tourism industry. Fast forward 25 years later and that same drive and determination has helped me in my professional career. There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish if you have drive and determination. Read more>>