We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Vanessa Soulavy | Triathlete , 101 Training Founder, IRONMAN Certified Coach

My legacy: Thrive To be unique! What ever you do in life put a signature on it! I would love to Leave a trace on everybody I get the chance to coach and interact with…just by reflecting the power of being unique and believing in your own potencial has made great competitive athletes out of people that couldn’t even run a mile!  Read more>>

Joshua Weaver | Psychotherapist

I would say that the answer to this question has changed numerous times throughout my life due to maturing through life’s good and challenging times. Today I would like for my legacy to be that I am an individual that is always motivated to help people in any way that I can. Read more>>

Ebehi Diaz | Creative Designer, Founder and Podcast Host of Layers of Design Creative Studio

A female architect who dedicated her career to creating well designed buildings and spaces in underrepresented communities globally, while educating members to discover the potential of resources within their neighborhoods. With this, I aim to encourage all architects and designers that all communities deserve good design regardless of their social, economic or cultural backgrounds. Read more>>

Fernando Martinez | Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Definitely I want my children to remember me as a person who was able to always reach his goals, and must important i want them to see me as a person that always try no matter what situation is. I always try to teach them there is nothing impossible to do, often I tell them that we don’t loose, we learn, and if we win we have to be grateful, I always emphasize as ‘we” because I see us as one, one team that help each other, that is the reason why I chose to name the store ”Martinez Furniture”, I want my children to see themselves in the company, it has their last name on it!. I’m also very blessed to have my wife, the rock of my life!, We have dedicated our love and sacrifice for our kids and our company, and it hasn’t been easy, but we wouldn’t change it for the world!. Read more>>

Carrie Bennett | Artist & Art Director

If I could look backward from the future, I would want to see not just my art, but my relationships through my artistic career were meaningful. I would want to say that the canvases, walls, and streets I put my hands to were made better and brightened by my touch. As I’m growing in my different roles as an artist, Art Director and educator, I am reminded that the reward of the artist is the gift it brings to the recipient. If my art is created for the sake of my own expression alone, it might be beautiful and true, but fall short of its purpose. I want my legacy to be living, where my students look back and smile at their art experience, and a city feels invigorated by artwork they didn’t realize they needed to see. I believe art is a channel that can refresh, heal, and establish a place. I hope to be an artistic voice and collaborator who has the vision to draw beauty and life into her surroundings, and to ultimately turn the lights on for the people. Read more>>

Ron Gerard | Model Agent & Animal Enthusiast

I would like to be remembered as someone who was the best at everything they put their mind towards and had a positive impact on the lives of those around him. Read more>>