What do you want your legacy to be?

We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Daniel Bourget | Audio Engineer/Music Producer

I want to be remembered for capturing and producing amazing music. I also hope to invent some new techniques along the way. Read more>>

Kaleidoscope MusArt, Inc. | Concert Presenting Non-Profit Organization

Kaleidoscope MusArt wants to be remembered for helping people to approach classical music with an open mind, dispelling any set notion of what music can be while also discovering the full range of intellectual and emotional inspiration that it can provide. As the world changes at a fast pace, so does contemporary music. Yet, we are also shaped by what has come before us. In order to help forge a classical music scene in which concert programs reflect the world we live in, we program music from a wide range of backgrounds and time periods, and strive to inspire artists and the community at large to discover new music. By “new”, we mean not only recently composed works, but also the masterpieces of past centuries that somehow slipped through the cracks of history and remain largely unknown to the general public and music scholars alike. Our concert programs bridge newly composed works, rarely performed compositions that deserve attention, and established masterworks, presenting them in thematic programs that explore and articulate the links between them. Read more>>

Jana Rose Carrero | Digital Entrepreneur and Content Creator Within the Fashion, Music and Lifestyle Industries

I’d truly like to be remembered for my authenticity and kindness. Sometimes, being immersed in a creative industry, whether it be fashion, music, art, design, etc…the environment can be a little intimidating, let alone competitive. If you stay true to yourself and treat everyone with kindness, you can cultivate a wonderful support system. Read more>>

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