Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Giselle World | International Performing, Recording Artist & Ceremonialist

The most important aspect of my success has been in realizing success is not measured by a number in your bank account, or the amount of material possessions one may acquire, but rather on the level of fulfillment, contentment, and joy one feels with the journey of their career. How authentic do I feel with the work I’m doing and what I’m sharing with the world? How much integrity is behind it? Am I losing myself, or finding myself more in the process? These are the questions I ask myself often. The more aligned I feel with what I’m putting out into the world through my music, my art, my rituals, and classes ( I teach as well), the more successful I feel, and the more my work expands into the world bringing my brand more success with the continued opportunity to grow, create, and share more. Read more>>

Lilli Schipper | Real Estate Agent

From a young age, my father always told me, “Do as you would be done by.” It is such a wonderful core value that really helps guide me to do the right thing. I provide the quality of service to my clients that I would want to receive. Many of my clients comment how I am always available, super communicative, and constantly get them as much information as possible. I simply respond, “If it was me, I would want to know everything too!” My job as a realtor is to be there for my clients and to help them, which is why customer service is always my top priority. Read more>>

Gretchen Grace Dreisbach | Visual Artist

Trusting My Higher Divine Guidance! Let SPIRIT Take The Reigns! I ALLOW My Creations To Reveal Themselves In ALL of THEIR GLORY! Creating Art Is My PRIVILEGE! My JOY! My LIFE! Read more>>

Lori Griffith | Executive Director

Transparency. When I started Chasin A Dream I wanted people to know exactly how their donations were being used. One of the things I was always skeptical about when donating is that I never knew where my donation was going, who it was helping or if it truly made a difference. So, with Chasin A Dream, we introduce you to the children battling life threatening illnesses/disabilities you are helping through our website and almost daily updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Donors can then follow the journey of the children being helped and a lot of the kids come to our events and participate. We have kept our overhead extremely low so that the majority of money donated goes directly to the families and programs. Read more>>

Bamboo Ben | Escape Artist

Escapism. People, as a rule, have a need to walk away from their everyday lives and disappear into a world that is counter opposite of everyday life; escapism. It’s apparent in today’s world this yearning will only become stronger. I create and build spaces of all sizes where people can disappear and enjoy the atmosphere. In the right Tiki atmosphere, the lighting is dim to dark. No white lights! No white walls! The room (s) is filled with lots of Tikis, low glowing fish float lights, puffer fish lights, unusual crate and outrigger style lamps and lights, tables and booths built into nooks and crannies with overhead huts, lots of Tikis, lauhala mat walls. Read more>>