Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Glenn Asher | Title Insurance

My brand ATTG ( Ask The Title Guy ) has to be be consistent at all times . Brands become successful as a result of a level of expectation that does not waiver regardless of the situation . We consistently raise the bar industry wide, and setting the pace for others to emulate. Read more>>

Michelle Townson | Mother, grandmother & sustainable fashion designer

DEFINITLY the most important factor for our success is giving new life to plastic.. Designing modern unique bags that have elevated the quality of by our artisans in Guatemala. Using recycled plastic thread has showed the world the importance of fashion with purpose and choosing products with a social impact not only in our community but in our planet. Read more>>

Kashawn Fraser | Founder of FitnessAtYourDoor

The most important factor behind the success of my brand, is really simple. It’s the pursuit of being curious to learn, network, incorporate systems and test things in my business and understanding that it’s all trial & error. I’m always reminded that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, and that gets reaffirmed in my business on a daily basis. Read more>>

Wesley Kelly | Owner & Head designer

The most important factor behind the early success of Brand Faith Ruby is simply consistency, as an up and coming entrepreneur it’s vital you find a way and/or ways to make people believe in you by your actions, continuing to push yourself to its limits while you document your journey along the way. This allows your supporters to grow with you and your brand which ultimately leads people to feel connected and apart of something they believe in. Read more>>

Parks Morgan | Realtor®

To narrow that down to one factor is nearly impossible but I can specify a few factors: I am passionate about real estate which stems from my interests in market research, architecture, interior design as well as general marketing. What makes a property special? What is important to the seller? What is important to the buyer? What is the unknown and what will be uncovered along the journey? These are issues that stoke the passion within me. Read more>>

Keshan Henry | DJ / Entertainer

The most important factor behind my success is dedication and great networking. The entertainment industry is ever-evolving and can prove to very competitive. Some people look at networking as getting handouts, or begging favours while I look at it as creating long-term relationships that can take you to the next level. I always look for opportunities to exchange numbers and information with influential persons in order to stay connected. Read more>>