Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Alexis Torres | Artist/Tattoo Artist/Ink Artisan

The most important factor behind my success and my brands success is staying true to the love i have for my craft. I express the love for my craft by putting maximum effort in all the details that allow my final pieces to be as unique as the people that carry them. I approach all my tattoos with a specific mindset. I refer to that mindset as the love of creation. Read more>>

Michael Christofis | CEO

One of the driving factors to The Navy Diver brand’s success is the very meaning behind the name. We started the brand in 2010 in Sydney in honour of our best mates who were Australia’s Elite Navy Clearance Divers and who served in the Australian Navy. The mantra of a Navy Diver was to push limits, challenge your physical and mental capabilities and chase excellence in all areas of life. Attitude is everything along with balls of steel. Read more>>

Saudia Hack | CEO & Founder

Authenticity. I can tell you confidently that the biggest contributing factor behind my success is being authentic. I AM my brand, and I firmly believe that in business, your future clients can tell right away when you are authentic. I remember being invited to showcase my work at a Bridal Show in Miami, and this was during the time when in-person events had slowly started to make a comeback. The moment that the emcee announced the doors were opening, hundreds of people walked into the room, and it occurred to me that it wasn’t just my product they were seeing, it was me too. The pandemic created so many unexpected social barriers, but it didn’t stop me from being myself. When you’re genuine, people can see that. They can feel it. That’s why I believe being authentic is a key factor in building your brand and being successful. Read more>>

Yanet Almaguer | Entrepreneur

Looking back on how I used to be, the paths life has taken me to, and the decisions I have made along the way, I think it isn’t just one, but multiple factors; perseverance, self-confidence, and the need to share my experience with other people. I have never been a stranger to risk, but pushing forward no matter what and knowing that to get the things you want, you have to keep on trying, has made me the confident and empathetic woman that I am today. I feel that more than showing off my achievements or celebrating my goals, I have a responsibility to share my experiences, especially with other women. For me, life has made it clear that everyone can and should pursue their dreams at their own time and pace. I never imagined myself designing clothes, running a business, or driving a truck; nonetheless, here I am. That is why I firmly believe that my story is a clear example that limits don’t exist. Read more>>

Taylor Everett | Technology Consultant & Fashion Blogger

For me, the most important factor behind my success is a healthy and productive life balance. We can all work hard until we burn out, which may give us the large financial benefits that we think and dream of, but does that equal happiness and ultimate success? For me, no. If I’m able to have a social life, enjoy time to myself, explore my creative outlet through my hobbies on the side, and maintain a full-time job that provides a lifestyle for my future, then I consider myself successful. It’s always important to never “sell” yourself to your job/career and make sure you’re actively still adding in additional pieces of life that contribute to your overall happiness. Read more>>

Asia Francis | Entrepreneur, CEO of G’ORSI LLC, Model & Children Author

Well the most important factor behind my success is that I keep God first and I am comfortable being myself. The success of my business is that I’m able release my creativity in expression. Read more>>

Rob Reynosa | Reality Creation Coach

Authenticity – being real; being bold; owning my choices, wins and mistakes; sharing my journey; giving a damn about people; being selfless. Authenticity has built trust between my audience and I, it’s been the key factor in relationship building. Because I am consistently transparent and I consistently support my people by providing value and connection. Read more>>