There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Lila Nikole | Designer & Wardrobe Stylist

Some of the habits that have helped me succeed include broadening my spectrum of design into areas where we normally not fit and making sure to always create- even if a project is not due. I also like to research upcoming trends in fashion as well as TV and entertainment to help inspire new ideas. Lastly, I like to work through projects, I don’t like to let them sit. I feel like the burst of ideas I get must be fulfilled quickly before I change my ideas. Read more>>

Taylor Ivey | Founder & CEO

I’m not sure this is a habit but more a business philosophy. I don’t pay attention to trends. I never have. I design clothing to be trendless and ageless – styles that will be in fashion today and 10-20 years from now, and can be worn by women in their 20’s up to 70’s. I choose patterns and colors based on the idea that simple is success. Aside from that business philosophy, I’ve always been incredibly persistent. I’m a firm believer that persistence in 90% of what’s needed to succeed in business – that and an unwavering faith in your vision and product. Entrepreneurship is a difficult road filled with countless road blocks. Your ability to weather the storms and not be discouraged by such obstacles, to just continue to move forward I think is what sets those that succeed and those that fail apart. Read more>>

Chanique Stewart | Christian Social Media Strategies & Entrepreneur Coach

Habits are essential for anyone’s success and anything they do. I believe that habits are the result of willpower and discipline and the foundation of the success I have attained. The biggest practice that I am confident has helped my success is a habit of giving thanks to God, my habit of gratitude and a commitment to a positive attitude. Without this mindset and spiritual habits, I could have never implemented practical and more physical habits. Waking up in the morning with a healthy morning routine, which does incorporate the gratitude, the time with God and thanksgiving, and also the habit of physical exercise. In different areas of my life and my business life, some routines are now installed due to continuous repeating and establishing these habits. Read more>>

Delvs | Multimedia Artist

I believe self discipline Is everything. It takes a lot to stay inspired and productive everyday, it’s the key to most of my success. Read more>>

Robert J Trovato | Entrepreneur & CEO

Focus, Fortitude & Customer Sustainability Are Essential to be Successful Business. Discipline in you Lifestyle By Keeping the Business & The products & the Customer satisfaction ALWAYS at the forefront of your Thinking Process. Discipline Dedication, Positive Thinking and the Relentless Focus of overcoming hurtles, growing & Learning from mistakes & Never Giving up no matter what obstacles seem to be in your way. Rethinking the way everything is done to make The products and Service even better. Read more>>