We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Jessica Roiz | Founder, Pulso Pop

Ever since I founded and launched Pulso POP in 2015, I had a very clear vision that the motto would be “Latin pop culture in a heartbeat” (hence the word pulse in Spanish and the universally-used, pop). Part of the brand’s success as a digital media platform is due to the quickness we upload our coverage on social media. It’s to say, we don’t wait longer than 24 hours to post coverage we’re doing at a red carpet or press event. We are simply on top of our game. Read more>>

Reina Kendall | Writer • Model • Public Relations

Throughout every aspect of my life, I always come from a place of gratitude regardless of the circumstances. By focusing on having an authentic, grateful mindset, I have found that it not only leads to humility and success but it creates an internal clarity that is healing. Gratitude is also a positive vibration. Positivity is contagious so the more mindful I am, the better I can be at helping others do the same and perhaps discover their own success whatever that may be. Read More>>

VIRGINIA SAIACH | Designer and founder of Fansy by Virginia Saiach

Iam totally sure that behind the succes there is more than one important factor, but if I have to think in the most important factor behind my Brand its the originality. The attraction effect and distinction of each Fansy piece creates an strong identity, making hard find something similar in the market. Read more>>

Abigail Tuano` | Clothing Line Business Owner

The most success to my brand is the meaning behind it. Purity MVMNT Collection was birthed out through prayer. I was 16 years old when I had this encounter and I was at church when it happened. The preacher that was preaching made a call for everyone in the room to make a call for “holiness” that God would keep us “set apart for Him” and live a life of purity. I remember making that promise to God at 16 and everything I did remained until I am here at 27. Read more>>

Tracy Davidson | TV Journalist

Authenticity and consistency. Over the more than 30 years I’ve been a TV journalist, the platforms have changed but one thing that has never changed is my brand. It’s not something that changes with the wind or with the current trend. My brand is who I truly am; service and community. From hosting community events years ago, to current day social media posts, my viewers/readers know what they’ll get and who I am. No surprises. Read more>>

Chelle Gman | Social Media Influencer

The most important factor behind my brand is having integrity; amongst raising awareness to keep others from becoming victims of the same repetitive behavior. Enlighten the innocent and prepare the unprepared. Read more>>

Adrianna Raphaela | CEO & Founder of Tres Angeles Swim

My creativity and authenticity are like my superpower, they allow me to see things that others can’t. It instinctively draws me to what is fresh, new, and hot. It gives me the confidence to listen to that internal voice about my creative direction. Both my creativity and authenticity allow me to show the world as I see it. They allow me to make a statement with every look I create whether it’s in the pattern, fabric, detail, fit, or accessories. Read more>>

SARAH TUCKER | Award-Winning Best Selling Children’s Book Author Specializing in Character Development

It is really about balance. Our focus on character development makes the parents and grandparents happy, But our illustrations and storytelling make the books entertaining for children to read. The secret is to be able to hold their attention with great stories they can relate to while teaching life’s important lessons. Read more>>