We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Jesi Cason | Branding Photographer

The driving force behind the success of my photography business is the extensive work I did behind the scenes to develop my brand. I spent countless hours: *writing profiles about my ideal client so I would know who I was trying to reach through my marketing *experimenting with captions and website copy to test out what language works best and define my brand voice *creating graphics and images that fit with my color scheme and fonts *examining how what I do best can best solve problems for my clients *researching and implementing ways to make my workflows more efficient and headache-free for my clients All of this adds up to a client experience that is fun, easy, and effective – turning clients into friends. Read more>>

Kailin Brousseau | Creative Director

The most important factor behind the success of our brand has been our community of friends and creatives. While getting our creative agency off the ground, being able to tap into the talents and support of the people around us has propelled us faster than anything else. Collaboration will always be #1 in our business. Read more>>

Zebulon Thomas | World-renowned Glidecam Master Operator & Creative Strategist for Dean Graziosi

These are the key factors that I contribute all my success in life to: My commitment to constant never ending improvement. I have become super succesfull because I am always growing and learning to adapt to everything I face. I obsess over whatever it is I MUST have in my life until I find it or achieve it. Most importantly, I surround myself with only the people who condition me for greatness. Read more>>

Angel Montero | Actor, Influencer & Gamer

networking and stay active in social media. Read more>>

Gonzalo Zulueta | Actor, Designer and Entrepenur

Success can be measured in many different ways and in fact has a different meaning to each unique individual. I think the most important factor behind my success has to be determination and perseverance. Many times people give up when things get rough but if one really pushes through the moments eventually they pass. I like to remind people that no bad situation lasts for ever and eventually everything work outs. Read more>>

Amaury Love | Artist/Actor

To sum it up “Just Do it”. To me there are many important factors behind the brand. Such as planning, visualization, strong team, selflessness, confidence, and many more. However, sometimes It just takes for us to do it. We can have all the planning, resources, and people around us, but nobody is gonna make you pick up that pen. Nobody’s gonna tell you hey wake up at 6am and get to work. It’s all on you. You just gotta do and as much as you plan. An one of the major keys is to never stop. What’s for you will always be for you unless you believe it’s not for you. Read more>>

Jason Naylor | Artist / Designer

Kindness. Read more>>

Chloe Freytag | Professional Ballerina & Yoga Instructor

Resilience. I had a million reasons to give up. Low confidence, consistent rejection, roadblocks I ran into regularly, and false opportunities. My heart never gave up, and I always tried again. This is the main key to success. No one goes straight to the top right away. You have to believe in yourself, even when that seems impossible, and keep going against all odds. Read more>>

Matthew Manyak | Filmmaker & Multimedia Specialist

The most important factor that has played into my success as both an individual and as a brand has undoubtedly been my deep commitment to the grand vision I have for my life, and the relentlessness to which I dedicate myself to pursuing my goals. In my career as a filmmaker, even short-form projects generally take several long months from the time they are conceived to the time they hit the screen. Streaming series and feature films inevitably take much longer – sometimes several years. Reaching high levels of success is not a sprint – it is a marathon that you run every single day. There have been a multitude of times where I have had to go days without sleep because of the sheer amount of work that needed to be done in a short amount of time, and throughout all of it, I would need to be able to consistently perform at a high level of execution. There have been days where I would need to wake up at 3AM, drive for 4 hours, run a film set for 12-16 hours, copy over the footage from the day, and then drive 4 hours home before having to get ready to do it again in a different city the next day. Read more>>

Tonya Evans | Influencer and Co-Founder of Gurl U R Not Alone

I love this question! I truly believe that the success of my brand is because of my focus on significance over success. Early in my career it was really all about shooting for the next step on the corporate ladder or next career goal and their is nothing wrong with that. But even in making those decisions as an employee, I always focused on finding roles that would help me grow both professionally and personally and working with great groups of people. Now my brand is solely focused on significance. I want to share solutions and ideas for women in midlife around fashion, wellness, finance, beauty and business. When I work with a client on the style side, I need to understand what impact she wants to make in the world so we can package that genius. I know it’s a cliche but it’s still all about the ‘why.’ You will never fail if you focus on that. Of course, we have financial and other goals for the brand but our North Star is significance -creating content of significance that empowers women. Read more>>

Cinnamon Key | Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author, Podcaster

I am not only a mental health clinician and a licensed clinical social worker, I am also a Christian. One of our values is Service. I have a desire to serve on a community level, helping those that need to obtain and maintain mental health services, as well as grooming and mentoring future clinicians. I just wasn’t sure how I could go about it and add my Cinnamon touch to it. So I prayed and asked God to help me, to show me the way He would have me serve. Thus, Key 4 Enterprises and all its companies were born. Now it was time for me to go to work. However, I was afraid. To be honest, I still am! Often! I am afraid of disappointing God. There it is: the truth. I fear failing to serve, and letting Him down. But how can fear lead to success? I call it The Fear Phenomenon. Fear is both comfortable and uncomfortable, simultaneously. It is both immobilizing and motivating, simultaneously. It’s even both miserable and blissful, simultaneously! I allowed fear to push me. To propel me toward my goals and desires. To motivate me to success. And I’m looking forward to what’s ahead. Read more>>

Trisha Widowfield | Attorney- Medical Malpractice

Since there are so many attorneys and law firms in Florida, I’ve focused on what makes me unique as a litigator and what brings my firm to the top of our industry. In my specialty of medical malpractice, there are very few females attorneys. I’ve highlighted and embraced this “minority” status by cultivating relationships with other females attorneys in different practice areas- both in the social media world as well as in the live or-for now-Zoom world. I’ve emphasized my expertise within the specialized field of medical malpractice through serving on panels, writing articles and simply responding to posts asking for advice. Within this realm, I’ve become the go-to “med mal gal” and these platforms have created the ability to build and maintain relationships with a larger number of people. As to my firm, we emphasize our unique experience of being a firm who represented doctors and hospitals for over 20 years before completely “switching sides” to represent patients and families. Our clients appreciate and respect that our history allows us to anticipate the other side’s strategy which reinforces the brand of Haliczer, Pettis, & Schwamm as a medical malpractice firm with this distinctive strength. Read more>>