We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Robert Bradley | Musician, Producer, and Audio Engineer.

There are a few things that outsiders are unaware of in regards to my industry. But I will mention this one that I believe is maybe the most popular misconception…doing music full time (if you’re not famous that is) is not a real job, that one can’t sustain a living off doing music, or being an artist in general for that matter, when it’s quite the contrary. I’ve been doing music full time for more than 15 years. And I have general struggles just like any typical working class person has. Read more>>

Wilnesha Wintons a.k.a Winn | Fashion & Wardrobe Stylist/ Creative Director

The process that goes behind what I do. As a fashion stylist. It’s not just about picking out outfits that look good on a person. You have to first know your client. Identifying their unique style and aesthetic. Knowing what colors, patterns, fabrics, prints, best compliment the individual. Also understanding the environment and occasion the client will wear the garments. Choosing the appropriate hairstyle that will coincide with the look. Everything has to come together. The entire look has to tell a beautiful story. Read more>>

Damian J Sanchez | Musician, Chef, Actor, Writer, Educator and Repairman

Both the music and film industries have one thing in common – no one knows what they are doing. Recordings for both musicians and actors are a disorganized mess and they never pay on time and do not have the artists or talent in mind when providing necessities! All that being said – I love it! Why? Because as long as you represent the only professional component to this mess, and people can depend on you to do what is right all the time – you’re hired! You are outstanding by completing basic tasks, presenting yourself professionally, and just meeting the needs of what they are looking for, whether it be something as simple as walking across a tarmac to being able to play what is on the page in front of you. Read more>>