We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with

Phoebe Kunitomi | Founder & CEO, okko

You need to have a fully baked idea in order for it to succeed. This way of thinking is so wrong! In my opinion, the best ventures are the accumulation of small experiments. I view okko as a brand that is continuously evolving in response to customer feedback and marketplace changes. To know which direction to take, I am constantly gathering data through tests — ranging from small things like where to place a logo on an ad to more involved processes where we’re sending our bras and underwear to real women for their design feedback. As an entrepreneur, you can’t be afraid to test something, see whether it works, and drop it if it doesn’t. It is from these lessons that you create a stronger, more sustainable business. Data is king!. Read more>>

Eri Vincent | Makeup artist, Session Stylist, Beauty Educator

“Fake it until you make it”. Although this makes sense in some aspects of life, In the world of Hair and Makeup it doesn’t apply. It is so important to do the work, and research before diving into production hair and makeup. I spent years assisting, learning and researching before I ever got my first lead makeup artist role in the industry. As a makeup artist you have to make sure you know how to work with ALL skin types, all personalities, and are able to work long hours for the sake of your craft. “Faking it’” can only get you so far. Read more>>

Moustafa Mazhar | Editorial Portrait Photographer

Talent is great, but all it does is give you a head start. Anything worth having is hard to get. Any game worth winning is naturally going to attract several different players. Some will have a great deal of talent. Some will have developed their skill. Some will be there by the concentrated power of their will. If you have to bet on who’s going to win, always bet on the competitor who has the greatest will power, work ethic, and desire to be a winner. Read more>>

Amanda Torres | Amanda Jay | Creative Artist & planner

The typical “American Dream” in itself to go to school straight into college which will provide you a successful life. It simply is not the case from what I have experienced and seen for your normal average American. Now a days the debt that goes into an education translates into a lifetime of interest to get out of and an influx of time spent away from our family and things that really make us happy. The pandemic proved that job security is a joke and individuals with 50+ years in their respective positions still found the same fate when the entire world shut down. The risk of starting your own business and investing that same energy into your own passion may breed better results then placing the balance of your success in the hands of a company that wont remember your name when considering your job title in the midst of a state of emergency. Read more>>

Shana Brown | CEO

I disagree with ” starting a business is easy and everyone should do it ” Starting your own business is for the weak and it sure isn’t easy. You have to have a determination, tough skins , and the will power to keep pushing everyday. Read more>>